3 Tips from a Dermatologist for Clearer Skin

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3 Tips from a Dermatologist for Clearer Skin


Almost everyone is affected by acne at some point in their lives, so a trip to the dermatologist is often called for. These skin experts can work with each individual to discover which treatments work for them. In fact, there is no cure for acne but simply treatment options. Whether you visit a doctor for collagen induction therapy or blackhead removal, consider these top tips from the professionals for clearer skin.


Cleanliness Counts

Simple skin cleanliness is the key to clearer skin for most people. Patients don’t have to go to great lengths by requesting collagen induction therapy, for example. Ideally, patients should keep their hands and hair away from the face. Patients don’t subject their skin to excess friction, oils and particles with this cleanliness strategy. Washing the face twice a day is also a prime example of how clearer skin is achieved with cleanliness. Pores don’t have a chance of being clogged when the skin is clean, so fewer breakouts occur.

Frequent Dermatologist Visits

A professional should evaluate patients on a frequent basis because acne can worsen over time. For example, patients might suffer from cystic acne where large tumors grow in place of standard pimples. No other skin procedure, including collagen induction therapy, can help a patient in these cases. Professionals drain the cysts and devise an acne care plan that works for the individual. In most cases, patients visit their doctor several times a month for severe acne flareups.

Incorporating Several Medications

Most patients know about the topical acne medications found at drugstores, but a doctor usually goes further with their treatment options. For serious acne sufferers, doctors combine topical and traditional medications. Doctors may advise their patients to take a certain drug in pill form while using soaps and lotions directly on the skin itself. Clearer skin is almost guaranteed when both medical regimens are used simultaneously. However, only doctors can prescribe these medicines and topicals during scheduled appointments.

Although acne sufferers might blame the warm weather in San Antonio for their blemishes, it’s not just sweat that contributes to breakouts. If patients aren’t satisfied with their doctor’s acne treatment strategies, there are many professionals with varying experiences regarding this frustrating ailment. Ideally, patients should find a doctor who they feel comfortable with, and who makes considerable progress with their acne issues. A dermatologist could be a patient’s partner for life when fighting off acne breakouts.

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