4 Dermatology Procedures that are Game Changers for Skin.

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dermatology, micro needlingBecause it’s the largest organ, the skin can have many imperfections as a person ages. From darkened areas to even cancer, the skin must be examined by dermatology experts at least once a year. Aside from basic body care, skin experts also have solutions for those cosmetic concerns. Consider these procedures that are definite game changers for anyone’s skin, from teen years well into senior life.


If you’re overweight but wary of invasive surgeries, coolsculpting is a clever alternative to lose weight in an accelerated manner. Doctors apply cold tools to fatty tissue, encouraging the body to rid itself of fat as tissue dies back over a few months. Patients lose weight at a slow pace, allowing the skin to appear supple with less chances of stretch marks or other scarring. The entire body benefits from this procedure.

Micro Needling

This dermatology procedure offers patients a natural way to rejuvenate the skin. Tiny needles pierce the skin, encouraging natural healing processes. The skin’s flexible component, called elastin, combines with collagen to make the body appear smoother. Micro needling is performed on almost any region where skin cell production is required. Several micro needling appointments may need to be scheduled to truly see the skin results patients desire.


Those frustrating spider veins spreading across legs and arms do have a solution with sclerotherapy. Doctors inject them with a specialized fluid, forcing vessels to break apart. The body takes over at that point as it naturally clears out the dead tissue. Patients are left with clear skin after several injection appointments. There’s no need to worry about circulation problems at skin level because the body will generate vessels necessary to supply oxygen to all tissues.

Dermatology Fillers

Sagging skin is part of the aging process, but patients can fight off this problem with fillers. Certain substances are injected into strategic skin areas. The substance fills the space, lifting skin and improving the overall appearance. Patients can visit their doctor several times a year to have the filler treatment performed, making them look younger with each procedure.

Only a select few dermatology experts are trained in all these procedures, even professionals in San Antonio. Potential patients must call around to different offices to find a doctor with the right credentials. Being a loyal patient with these procedures performed periodically keeps the skin looking younger for more years than ever imagined before.

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