Which Method of Skin Rejuvenation Is Most Effective?

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Anyone who is considering skin rejuvenation wants to know the best and most effective method possible. But the reality is there are many variables to consider, including skin type, the type of treatments needed, your age, health and much more. On the other hand, there is an effective type of skin rejuvenation process available for everyone. Before you spend a …

4 Facts You Should Know About Belly Fat Removal

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If you ask anyone what they would like to change about their body, the most common answer would be to remove some belly fat. Fat seems to always accumulate in the belly area, and it can be difficult to remove. A quality diet combined with a regular exercise routine can help keep belly fat off, but some people still don’t …

What to Keep in Mind as You Search for a Cosmetic Dermatologist

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People need a cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio for many reasons. However, not all of them are created equally. It’s important to spend a significant amount of time searching for the right professional. They will be working with sensitive areas of your body, so the last thing you want to do is regret your decision after the work is done. …

A Vampire Facial: Not So Pretty But Well Worth It

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Patients have various reasons why they may want to undergo skin rejuvenation procedures. However, many people choose to avoid the procedure because they are afraid of injections, needles or the potential side effects that go along with them. However, a vampire facial may be the best option for many reasons.

Insight from a Cosmetic Dermatologist on Collagen Injections

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Collagen injections have been used by cosmetic dermatologists for several decades to tighten up patients’ skin and give it a smoother appearance. These injections are mainly used for tightening up wrinkles, laugh lines, creases, crow’s feet and other minor imperfections on the skin. But what is collagen exactly? There are many different types of collagen that occur naturally in the body. …

How Can I Get Ready for My First Botox Procedure?

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Undergoing a Botox procedure can help reduce unwanted wrinkles on your face and make you look younger as a result. Most people have heard of Botox in San Antonio, but many people are hesitant about going through the procedure because they don’t know what to expect. Any San Antonio dermatologist will tell you the key to a successful procedure is …