Belly Fat Removal: Invasive Versus Noninvasive Procedures

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belly fat removal, cosmetic dermatologyGiving birth, gaining extra pounds and dealing with stress can all lead to swollen bellies. Everyone wants to look youthful and slim, even into middle age. If dieting and exercise aren’t working for you, a trip to the doctor is often the next step. You want to slim down, but you’re not sure of your choices. Explore the starkly different worlds of invasive versus noninvasive belly fat removal. Your decision will be clear after considering all of the features.

Belly Fat Removal Cost and Comfort

There are many cosmetic dermatology professionals in the San Antonio area. Each facility offers a different program to remove fat. Your first concern as you compare invasive versus noninvasive procedures is cost and comfort.

A noninvasive procedure, such as CoolSculpting, will always be more comfortable during and after the procedure. It costs less than an invasive procedure because anesthesia and surgical skill aren’t involved. For many prospective patients, these aspects alone are enough to skew the decision toward a noninvasive procedure. Tummy tucks and liposuction aren’t the only choices in today’s medical world.

Long Recovery Times

You spoke with a cosmetic dermatology professional. An invasive procedure is your desire. Be aware that a long, recovery period is ahead of you. Whenever surgery takes place on your torso, the abdominal muscles must be rearranged after the doctors remove fat and skin as necessary. The surgical site and underlying muscles will need a recovery period of several weeks. Pain medication is often part of this scenario.

Noninvasive procedures are virtually free from any recovery. You’re treated like an outpatient as you visit for a CoolSculpting procedure. The doctor simply places the fat freezing tool across your belly to quickly freeze fat and drive it away from your body.

No Scars to be Seen

Belly fat removal by way of an invasive procedure is bound to produce scars. There’s just no way around it. CoolSculpting, in contrast, leaves absolutely no scars. Your doctor freezes the fat with a specialized paddle. No scalpels or sutures are part of this procedure. 

Scarring is a concern for nearly every patient, which makes a noninvasive procedure attractive on multiple levels. Along with being unsightly, scars are vulnerable to infections when they’re fresh. Avoid these worries with a noninvasive pathway.

Numerous Side Effects

Invasive procedures have side effects that can be long-lasting. In fact, you can go for months with pain and medications to curb those sensations. Soreness, fatigue, and difficulty moving around aren’t uncommon after a tummy tuck. Noninvasive, cosmetic dermatology solves these side-effect issues. Because there are no cuts in the skin, recovery is almost nonexistent.

Avoid swelling, pain and bed rest by trying a fat-freezing procedure in San Antonio. The only effect you’ll see is fat drifting away after several weeks. Patients might report some tingling after the procedure, but that sensation goes away quickly.

Subtle Slim-Down Processbelly fat removal

Patients who want instant gratification with their fat-reduction choice will turn to invasive procedures. Doctors literally lift the fat out of the body. The side effects are payment for the instant gratification, however.

Noninvasive procedures provide a much better result. You must be patient during the process. After the fat-freezing procedure, the body needs time to remove the fat through the lymphatic or waste system. Those damaged fat cells diminish, which leaves you with a slim figure.

Choosing a dermatology professional to perform belly fat removal is an important decision. Ochs Dermatology is your resource for helpful doctors and staff who support your pathway to a healthier body. Trust in the experienced staff who can steer you toward a procedure that fits your lifestyle.

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