The Benefits of Micro-Needling With Advanced Tools

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micro-needling, Eclipse MicroPenRemoving fine lines and wrinkles from your skin is a dream come true. The hands of time continue to tick so solutions from the cosmetic dermatology world are welcomed with open arms. Non-invasive treatments are favorites of most patients, which include needling procedures. Discover how micro-needling benefits your skin with advanced tools used by the best doctors in the business.

Creates Just the Right Angle

Venture into your San Antonio dermatology office to find the Eclipse MicroPen being used by highly skilled employees. It does look like a pen that you’d use on a daily basis. However, it comes with needles that extend out of the tip. Because of this design, the needles always enter the skin at the right angle. 

In the past, professionals used derma-rollers that pressed needles into your skin as the part spun around on its axis. The Eclipse Micropen’s design allows better control of the needles creating a more precise process. This results in less irritation and inflammation from the procedure. The  Micro-needling procedure with this pen is now the best way to achieve smooth skin without too much irritation within the dermal layers.

Fits Into Small Areas

Your skin is a huge organ, but that fact doesn’t mean that every treatment area is easy to access. Most procedures involving micro-needling are located in tight areas, such as along the neck and face. The ability to precisely treat these areas with a small tool is priceless to San Antonio cosmetic dermatologists.

The Eclipse MicroPen performs precision work. There are 12 needles that extend from the tip, which takes up only a few millimeters of space. Doctors can reach behind ears, treat hairlines and cover other areas that are at the mercy of the aging process. This tool gives you a youthful look that’s extremely natural.

Adjusts to Your Skin’s Needs

Dermatologists used to adjust the pressure on your skin with the needling tools in the past. The majority of the treatment came from “feeling” the pressure and gauging the needles’ depths by sheer experience. With the Eclipse MicroPen, doctors rely on the adjustable nature of the design. Dermatologists pick a depth based on the patient’s needs. Deep wrinkles may require longer needles compared to more refined work. The resulting skin texture appears uniform across the entire tissue. Patients used to wait for many months to see a natural progression where uniformity finally prevailed across the face and neck.

Allows For Multiple Micro-Needling Treatments

Working with a micro-needling pen means that you’re systematically damaging the tissue to achieve a better appearance. This damage works in your favor because it’s possible to have more treatments in the near future. Most dermatologists suggest six to eight weeks between each procedure. You may have the best results after just one session. Every person must decide on their own goals after working with the specialist.

Causes Very Little Pain

Dermatologists don’t automatically press the tool into the skin without any preparation. You receive a skin treatment, such as saline, so that there’s very little pain. In fact, most patients report mild irritation as they complete the micro-needling treatment. It’s natural to have some inflammation after treatment. The irritated skin forces blood to the area. In return, new tissue forms to repair the damaged areas. Glowing skin will be your result after a short recovery time.

If you’re wary about micro-needling because of the needles involved, work with the professionals at Ochs Dermatology. An expert’s touch is what you need to feel comfortable. After the first treatment, you’ll seek out the Eclipse MicroPen as a standard practice. Smooth and youthful skin is possible in your future.

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