Best Fat Freezing Procedure for 2017

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Best Fat Freezing Procedure for 2017

fat freezing procedure, coolsculptingLosing weight the old-fashioned way involved strict diets, difficult exercise and invasive procedures that left patients with a long recovery time. Concerned adults don’t have to deal with limited options today, however. Currently, there’s a weight-loss alternative that’s catching on with many people. Discover the best fat freezing procedure of 2017 and try it out in the new year.


What is a Fat Freezing Procedure?

Patients who opt for fat freezing are looking for a semi-permanent way to remove these fat cells from their body. During normal weight loss, fat cells merely shrink but they are still present in the body. With a fat freezing procedure, those cells are actually broken down and removed by the body’s natural waste responses. They cannot enlarge again because the cells simply aren’t present in the body to gain weight again. Doctors achieve this freezing process by using specialized tools that target the cells while leaving the surrounding tissue untouched.

The CoolSculpting Difference

This year’s top procedure is CoolSculpting. It involves a tool that is placed on the patient based on the area for treatment in a specific orientation. Doctors determine the length of time that’s necessary for the tool to work on the body, that area is then massaged after the freezing process and then the patient is free to leave. There is no invasive surgery or delicate recovery times involved. However, patients must understand that this procedure isn’t instantaneous, such as during liposuction. The body needs time to pinpoint and remove the damaged cells. Several weeks and months may pass by before any weight-loss results are obvious to the naked eye. The lasting effects are truly remarkable with patience.

Possible Treatment Areas

Patients should understand that this procedure isn’t an all-body solution. It’s designed to work on those problem areas. Stomachs, backs, thighs and hips are the most common areas to treat. One of the newest areas to select is the chin. Double chins can be corrected with fat freezing when the doctor is skilled within this area. It’s important to note that one treatment period may not be enough, depending on the patient’s body structure. Multiple treatments are often necessary, and the doctor will define the parameters when the initial consultation is made.

Ideal Candidates

The best candidates for CoolSculpting are patients with targeted, problem areas. They may exercise and eat a healthy diet, but those last 5 pounds on their hips will not go away. The fat freezing procedure can concentrate in that area in order to perfect the overall body shape. This procedure works well for both men and women too. Patients with skin disorders or sensitive areas may not be well suited for this procedure, however. A doctor’s evaluation is the first step to determine if you are a candidate for a brand-new sculpted figure.

Boosting the Results

Freezing the fat takes away some adipose tissue, but it doesn’t prevent new cells from developing. After the procedure, patients should continue to live a healthy lifestyle. With a proper diet and exercise, future weight gain can be avoided. Patients may want to try another treatment in the future, especially if several areas are pinpointed as problematic. Side effects are very rare with a freezing procedure, so multiple treatments with adequate time between them are entirely safe. Some patients may want to treat all of their problem areas over the course of a specified length of time.  Discuss this goal with your dermatologist.

Work with a CoolSculpting professional in your local neighborhood, such as San Antonio. These professionals will have training and experience with the tools while understanding the importance of the perfect candidate. As patients partner with these experts, the fat will seem to melt away after the first treatment.

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