Collagen Induction Therapy: Fascinating Facts About Your Improved Skin

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collagen induction therapy, micro-needlingYour skin is a complex organ. It protects you from the outside world, including germs that can be dangerous. You look at your skin every day, and it slowly changes over time. Many people aren’t happy with the skin that they’re in, however. Scars and blemishes might dot your facial features. Improve your skin with collagen induction therapy. These fascinating facts will bring new light to a well-researched procedure for any dermatology patient.

Pain Isn’t a Factor

This therapy is also known as micro-needling. Doctors use up to 12 needles in a standard tool to puncture your skin at a minute level. This description may sound painful, but most patients report no pain. 

The needles only pierce the skin to a depth of about 0.25mm to around 2.0mm. The doctor wants to purposely damage the skin so that it’s forced to make new tissue. It’s a fact that the needles don’t reach deep enough to access the blood supply either. You’re left with tiny punctures that heal over a few weeks.

Your Bodily Functions Take Over

Damaging your skin through collagen induction therapy forces the body to heal itself. With the punctures in place, the body signals for new tissue to form. The materials that end up filling the punctures are elastin and collagen. These substances are known for their flexible nature. As a result, your skin has more tone to it than before.

As you age, the body produces less collagen and elastin than in your younger years. By using micro-needling, you activate production of those substances once again. There are no chemicals or medications involved in collagen induction therapy. The needles are simply stimulating your natural, bodily functions.

Blemishes Fade Away

Sun damage, dark spots, acne scars and other blemishes can impair your skin. They don’t fade with time. In fact, some scars might appear highlighted as the years go by. Allow collagen induction therapy to fade those blemishes. By activating new tissue production, the blemishes have a better chance at fading. Your doctor may ask for several appointments to treat a given area. Small sections require time to heal between treatments.

Your Skin Reacts with Absorption Powercollagen induction therapy, micro-needling

Your pores are the channels into your deeper skin layers. When you apply topicals, especially for moisturizing purposes, they rely solely on the pores for penetration. Consider the addition of collagen induction therapy. Although the punctures aren’t very deep, they still provide pathways into the skin. As a result, your topicals should work even better than before.

Take before-and-after images of your face as your skin improves with each session. Your skin will act like a sponge after your CIT treatment.

Aging Can be Fought Off with Collagen Induction Therapy

Those fine lines and wrinkles frustrate many people as they grow older. Removing them might be a dream come true, but invasive surgery isn’t in your comfort zone. Micro-needling by a San Antonio professional may be your answer.

It’s impossible to fight off every sign of aging. The healing scenario associated with this therapy is a close solution, however. With several therapies performed on your facial features, fine lines and wrinkles will seem to fade. You may need to keep up with the therapy in order to maintain the appearance. Asking your doctor about the procedure intervals is crucial.

Think about an experienced dermatologist in the San Antonio area, such as Ochs Dermatology, for all your skin-related needs. Collagen induction therapy is just one of the services available for your skin. Treat your skin well so that your health is always prioritized. Glowing skin reflects positively on your mind and body.

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