Collagen Induction Therapy: How Needles Enhance Your Skin

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collagen induction therapy, best dermatologist Your skin is often the first organ to really show the signs of aging. Fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots make their appearance on your face, limbs, and torso. Ridding yourself of these features is much harder than acquiring them. A clever and nearly noninvasive way to enhance your skin’s appearance is through microneedling. This procedure is also referred to as CIT. Collagen induction therapy uses needles to enhance the skin by activating normal, bodily processes.


Specialized Needles for Controlled Collagen Induction Therapy

The best dermatologist doesn’t use just basic needles for CIT. Pens with dozens of needles on one end are used for this procedure. The doctor chooses a needle length that’s appropriate for the skin’s location. This length is also determined by the type of skin ailment being treated, such as your deep wrinkles compared to fine lines. 

During one appointment, the doctor treats as many areas as possible. Needles enter the skin to a specific depth. You’ll feel minor pressure or irritation in the treated area. The patient may require several appointments to complete the procedure, however.

Systematic Damage Awakens the Immune System

The needles create enough damage to the skin to signal the immune system. Your body is designed to react to injury. White blood cells and other immunity resources rush to the injured site. Their job is to kill off any foreign cells and clean up the damaged tissue. 

In essence, the best dermatologist is forcing the body to create youthful tissue at the CIT site. The new skin will always be supple and smooth when it first emerges. By targeting aging sections, the treated skin slowly creates its own youthful appearance without any invasive procedures.

Blood Vessels Emerge

A key factor that also enhances your skin is the growth of new, blood vessels. The damaged skin after collagen induction therapy requires oxygen. These molecules may not be readily available with the current blood supply. As a result, your body builds new vessels in the injured area. The tissue receives enough oxygen so that it can thrive as youthful skin. 

No other procedure can simulate blood-vessel growth in the same manner as CIT. San Antonio dermatologists approve of this procedure because of the minimal work involved. It’s always better for the body to grow and maintain its own tissues instead of altering them through man-made procedures.

Temporary Collagen Moves In

Immediately following the procedure, your body is busy healing the tissue. Some of the cells being formed and set into place are temporary, such as elastin and collagen. Type III collagen is a substance that emerges with great speed so that the surrounding tissue can continue healing. It holds the skin in place with some elasticity. However, it can break apart at the cellular level. It’s merely a placeholder for permanent collagen.

Permanent Collagen Slowly Grows Into Place

The lack of collagen in your skin is one of the main causes for wrinkles. Your skin can’t snap back into place like it used to do. After temporary collagen forms at the CIT site, permanent fibers begin to grow. This type I collagen is strong with ample elasticity. After several weeks, your skin will have a tighter appearance at the CIT sites because of the collagen pulling the tissue into a youthful shape. 

Only the best dermatologist in San Antonio can perform CIT. Speak with your professional about his or her experience and training. Highly educated doctors treat your skin like it’s a delicate canvas. Creating youthful skin through collagen induction therapy takes skill and specialized tools to make a difference in your appearance.

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