Coolsculpting: Are you the perfect candidate?

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Coolsculpting: Are you the perfect candidate?

coolsculptingIn San Antonio, coolsculpting which is a freezing fat procedure is one of the latest ways to lose weight without any invasive procedures being involved. When prospective patients learn of this procedure, they’re often excited to start the process as soon as possible. However, the patient’s cosmetic dermatology professional needs to make the final determination about possible candidacy. Every patient might be tempted to try this procedure, but not everyone is a perfect candidate. Discover which individuals benefit from this noninvasive weight-loss choice in order to narrow down those cosmetic procedures.

In Relatively Good Health

When a cosmetic dermatology professional examines a patient for this procedure, they’re looking for overall good health. The patient shouldn’t have any chronic pains or ailments. Pregnant or nursing women should abstain from the procedure until a later date. The procedure does create stress on the body, which can aggravate some chronic conditions. To be safe, doctors will only treat patients with healthy bodies.

For Those Problem Areas

Coolsculpting isn’t meant to be a weight-loss miracle. If a patient is obese, this procedure won’t offer the results that he or she is looking for. The sculpting process is meant to target problem areas, such as hips, thighs, bra bulge or upper arm bat wings. It doesn’t create a whole-body sensation where a person can lose dozens of pounds.

Consistently Eating Healthy Foods

A perfect candidate in the eyes of a cosmetic dermatology professional has a healthy lifestyle. This person will eat a relatively low amount of calories each day with exercise as a top priority. Sculpting the body doesn’t mean that the results will be permanent if the patient does not change their lifestyle. Patients need to keep up with a healthy diet to ward off those unwanted bulges. The fat can return with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Patient Patients Should Apply

Good, sculpting candidates are patient people who are looking for body sculpting without surgery. The procedure will be over quickly, but the results can take up to 3 months to visually appreciate. During that time, the body will break down the damaged fat and expel it.

If anyone has sensitivity issues during the Coolsculpting process, they need to report this fact to their doctor. Applying cold temperatures to the skin can irritate some patients. These people may need to look for alternative treatments as a result of this irritation. In the end, most candidates will be pleased with the procedure and reap the visual results from it.

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