CoolSculpting and Clever Ways to Observe the Progress

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CoolSculpting and Clever Ways to Observe the Progress

coolsculptingWhen men or women have troublesome bulges on their body, exercise and a strict diet are often the solutions. However, it’s tough to get rid of those last several pounds. An ingenious way to lose some more weight is through a noninvasive procedure. CoolSculpting prompts the body to lose weight through fat-freezing processes, but you’ll need to use these clever observation tactics to see the results in real time.

Start With “Before” Photos

A patient’s progress begins with a look at the real curves of the body. The doctor should take several “before” photos at various angles as the CoolSculpting procedure approaches. These images give doctors a chance to pinpoint where on the body that the procedure will work the best. They also give patients a glimpse at the problem areas and where Coolsculpting and cosmetic dermatology will best suit patients needs. The photos are normally in color, and the cosmetic dermatologist can print out copies as necessary.

Set up a Camera 

After the procedure, it’s time to document the Coolsculpting before and after progress.  Set up a camera at home that can remain in place for the duration of the recovery period. In fact, there’s not a long recovery period, but the progress takes time to develop. Patients might feel great after a few days while the weight loss and skin-contouring processes aren’t that noticeable. A semi-permanent camera angle allows patients to snap photos of their body at the same height each day or week. Compare these photos over time. The skin and body will slowly shrink in size. The procedure simply requires some time to show any real effects.

Calibrate the Weight Scale

CoolSculpting works wonders because it freezes fat and allows it to be naturally pulled from the body. The lymphatic system will slowly break down the fat where it was frozen, which takes weeks and months to complete. Along with visual cues, patients can also use a weight scale to document their progress. Fat will be released from the body. The results will be evident with weight loss shown on the scale. Verify that the scale is calibrated before stepping onto it, however. Patients want an accurate account of their beginning and ending weights.

Consider Skin Calipers

Patients who opt for this procedure are looking to lose fat and inches from their bodies. Subtle weight loss is easier to see when patients use skin calipers. These tools are used for BMI or body mass index tests. The calipers measure the size of the skin folds, which translates into a fat percentage across the body. Use these calipers once a week. Patients should see a shrinkage effect in the folds as they measure each time.

Ask the Doctor for CoolSculpting Documentation

Patients will normally set up multiple appointments with a local professional for procedures such as CoolSculpting and cosmetic dermatology so they can see the results as they progress. Ask the doctor if they’ll share the photos taken at these appointments with the patient. In most cases, patients may receive a copy of the photo for their personal records. Because doctors know which angles are appropriate to document the body’s shape, it’ll be easier for patients to see those coveted results. Otherwise, the photos remain part of the medical record. Patients may miss out on the visual confirmation that the procedure is working wonders.

An experienced cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio performs most of the procedure with the help of an assistant. Be aware that most patients will need multiple sessions before the procedure truly shows off its results. Work out a treatment plan that matches the patient’s goals, and that frustrating fat can be eradicated for good.

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