Coolsculpting: Knowing if This Procedure is Right For You

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coolsculpting, fat removal without surgeryA slim figure may be your goal, but genetics and life’s challenges make it difficult to achieve these dreams. Every person goes through a frustrating, weight issue at some point in life. Many people opt for invasive surgeries to create that perfect body. However, there’s a better choice with a fat freezing procedure. Coolsculpting is the latest innovation in cosmetic dermatology, and it’s easy to see if this procedure is right for you.

Seeking a Noninvasive Procedure With Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is right for you when you’re looking for a noninvasive procedure. There is absolutely no surgery or downtime with this elective treatment. Its process is relatively simple by design. Your San Antonio dermatologist schedules a consultation so that you can discuss your problem areas. During a subsequent appointment, a sculpting paddle passes over your skin in order to freeze the fat.

You may require more than one appointment to see certain results, but there’s no other component to this treatment. Simply wait for the fat to slough off through your natural, waste processes.

Reducing Your Weight by Several Pounds

Liposuction and other procedures are designed to remove a lot of fat at any one time. This sculpting treatment isn’t meant to remove a lot of fat. If you have 10 or 20 pounds that you’d like to lose, then Coolsculpting is your best choice for fat removal without surgery. The body takes care of the removal process after the fat has been frozen. Your waste systems break down the treated fat, but it can only process so much tissue over several weeks or months. Expect refined results with this procedure instead of an instant transformation.

Patience is Your Strong Suit

Instant gratification isn’t part of the sculpting world. After your procedure, you may not feel or look different at all. Ideally, take photos of yourself each day afterward. Over the course of several weeks and months, your body will start to process and filter out the declining fat. The daily photos show you a progression that may not be obvious at first.

You’ll also visit the dermatologist’s office where they’ll evaluate you for those subtle changes. At some point, the change will click in your mind, and the procedure will be worth the wait.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle is Your Goal

Fat removal without surgery is perfectly suited for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle both during and after the treatment. Although the professional freezes the unwanted fat, it doesn’t mean you should consume food that is considered unhealthy. As you take on this innovative treatment, be aware of your diet-and-exercise regimen. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle so that fatty tissue doesn’t return.

Recovering From Recent Surgeries

If you’ve just recently had an invasive surgery, including either medical or elective procedure, you should hold off on any sculpting treatments. The procedure may be right for you, but recovery is still a factor. Complete your recovery from the previous surgery, and then you can schedule an appointment for the sculpting. Combining treatments in close proximity to each other can create complications. You want a clean bill of health before sculpting.

When you live in San Antonio, finding a professional who specializes in fat removal without surgery and has proven results is important. Look for experts like Ochs Dermatology who have experience with the Coolsculpting process before you commit to an appointment. With one or more treatments, you’ll see a visible difference in your physique as the pounds literally melt away.

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