Coolsculpting: Should You Consider It to Lose That Last 20 Pounds?

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coolsculpting, non-surgical belly fat removal Celebrities everywhere have extolled its virtues. You may have seen it mentioned in periodicals and online all over the place. But what exactly is Coolsculpting, anyway? And what is it for? Well, the process involves a seemingly simple concept. It involves cooling fat cells until they get so cold that they die. They are then flushed from the body using the body’s natural disposal systems. It is a targeted procedure. A technician will provide the cooling to a specific part of your body, such as your tummy or thighs. At 14 degrees, fat cells die and will be sent to the toilet with other waste. It is a great non-surgical belly fat removal option for those who want something less invasive than liposuction.


Usually, the best results become apparent after six to eight treatments. While with liposuction you can get the same results after treatment, you will also have to deal with recovery. Coolsculpting allows you to go right back to your normal routine immediately after the treatment. You can easily get it done on a slightly extended lunch break from work. The only issue is that you will have several appointments, as opposed to just the one procedure with liposuction. Treatments will take place over a period of approximately one month, so that may be too many longer lunch breaks in such a short period of time.


So..Will Coolsculpting Help You Lose a Lot of Weight?

Unfortunately, your weight loss journey cannot consist of an endless series of cooling treatments. Much like liposuction, it is about treating certain spots, not shedding pounds. It is meant for those who have lost weight and are pretty much at their ideal goal but have some stubborn spots they would like to fix. In many cases, this non-surgical belly fat removal option would be much preferable to an invasive procedure.

Are There Any Complications?

As with any procedure, there are possible complications. However, they can be considered quite mild compared to others. For one, sometimes it works really well in one spot, but maybe not so well in another. This can lead to bumpy looking skin. You also want your procedure performed by someone who is completely certified and experienced, or else they may not perform it properly. You will not be happy with the results in that case. It is also vital to continue your weight loss and maintenance efforts after the procedure. Fat may come off from the areas that were treated, but you may find fat accumulating in other areas as you gain fat back.

It Is Safer

While there are those possible minor complications, Coolsculpting is a safe, non-surgical belly fat removal option. Liposuction carries complications as well, and they can be more severe. Coolsculpting is less painful and requires much less recovery time. There is no poking or puncturing with this fat removal procedure.

Fat freezing is a popular option for removing fat and getting patients to reach their goals. However, it is important to understand what it is appropriate for. It is not an appropriate technique for losing large amounts of weight. What Coolsculpting does is help target those stubborn spots where your weight loss efforts have not fully penetrated. If you think it would work for you and live in San Antonio, then contact Ochs Dermatology for a consultation today.