CoolSculpting Tips: Little-Known Secrets for a Successful Treatment

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coolsculptingThe dermatology treatment of the day is freezing fat. Patients love the idea of removing fat without any invasive treatments. This procedure is relatively new, so it makes sense that insider knowledge is coveted by interested parties. Explore the little-known secrets of CoolSculpting and how they can make your treatment a successful one.

Doctors “Size” Your Fatty Tissue

The general consensus surrounding these procedures is that a cosmetic dermatologist simply runs a machine across your skin and fat disappears. Although this overview is certainly true, it doesn’t detail what the machine looks like or requires of each patient. 

It’s a fact that not every person can be a procedural candidate. There must be enough fat in a visible area that can be grasped by the CoolSculpting machines. Your doctor has a certain number of attachments that can be customized to the patient’s shape. During your initial visits, the doctor decides on the best attachments. In some cases, there may not be an attachment that works. An alternative procedure must be chosen at that point.

Pain is Possible

During the procedure, pain is incredibly rare. Your cosmetic dermatologist will typically add an anesthetic to the skin for overall comfort. As you recover in the next few days, some discomfort may arise. Your body is dealing with tissue that’s slowly declining. It must remove that tissue through the body’s natural, waste systems. At first, this process may be slightly painful. Your doctor might suggest over-the-counter medications to calm your body’s sensations. There’s no need for prescription medications.

One Part at a Timecoolsculpting

A little-known secret during San Antonio procedures is the fact that doctors focus on one part at a time. They don’t perform an overall, fat-freezing procedure. Your doctor focuses on one arm or leg. For about one hour, the cosmetic dermatologist moves the attachment across this body part until it’s sufficiently covered. 

You return for subsequent appointments to treat other body parts if applicable. Don’t worry about being bored during these treatments either. Because only one body part is treated at a time, you can use other limbs to read, listen to music or other activities.

Daily Photographs Provide Motivation

CoolSculpting processes are slow to show off your new figure. Because there’s no instant gratification, patients are often discouraged by the initial results. An important secret is simply documenting your journey. Take a photo each day after your treatment. There may be a bit of swelling at first, but continue to photograph and compare the images. After several weeks, you’ll see an obvious change to your shape. At about the four-month mark, your shape should be well defined. 

It’s important to stay motivated about your treatment so that you can reap the benefits of further visits with your doctor. Discouraged patients may not return to their caregivers.

Fat Can Return After CoolSculpting

Your motivation is also important when it comes to staying lean. After any fat freezing procedure, you can still gain weight if your healthy eating and exercising habits are lacking. You don’t have to perpetually diet. Simply eat healthy foods and keep up with regular workouts. Good habits fight off the fat’s return. These procedures give you a jump start on your new body. You’ll be motivated to keep up with a healthy lifestyle so that one procedure may be enough for your desired results.

Ochs Dermatology offers CoolSculpting in San Antonio with experts at the helm. Be proactive about your appearance by trying this procedure out on those problem areas. In as little as a few months, you’ll notice a leaner physique that improves your overall confidence.

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