Coolsculpting Tips From the Professionals

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Coolsculpting Tips From the Professionals

coolsculpting, cosmetic dermatologistImproving the body’s contours is a conquest that’s been pursued by both males and females since the beginning of time. Everyone wants to look good at any age with that toned physique but will not opt for fat removal surgery. Some people work hard each day to eat and exercise as cleanly as possible. A perfect body should be the result of this hard work, but that’s not always the case. In fact, there might be stubborn areas that just refuse to tone down. Working with a cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio is the next step in this body sculpting journey. Coolsculpting can lead to that dream body so use these professional tips that can streamline the process.


Be Honest With the Doctor

When a patient works with a cosmetic dermatologist, he or she needs to discuss the ultimate goals surrounding the procedure. If a person has 50 pounds or more to lose, this procedure isn’t designed for that need. Coolsculpting is a non invasive cosmetic procedure meant to refine a person’s figure when all other options have been exhausted. The doctor will freeze some fat and allow the body to get rid of it through natural, waste processes. Losing a lot of weight through fat freezing isn’t recommended by most doctors.

Consider “Before” Photos

When a patient selects a freezing fat procedure, the body differences can be very subtle. Doctors might ask patients to document their journey through photos. Before the procedure takes place, patients should take a photo of their front and back sides. The patient should wear a bathing suit or other materials that allow the body contours to be seen. Photos might be taken on a weekly basis so that changes before and after the procedure can be seen in real time.

Preoccupy Yourself

Coolsculpting can technically be performed over a lunch period or an afternoon off. Depending on the body area being treated, the process might take about an hour. For the most relaxed session, take a book to read or bring some earbuds for a musical interlude. Patients should remain calm and relaxed during the procedure so that all of the proper areas can be covered as necessary.

Regularly Schedule a Photo Session After Coolsculpting

Patients need to be aware that results won’t be instantly seen after the procedure. The body requires time to remove the fat through the lymph system. In order to see some progress, continue to take photos of the body. Patients should hold the same pose with each photo so that an accurate comparison can be made.

Follow Up With the Doctor

The doctor will usually ask a patient back after a few weeks. The recovery time will tell the professional if another Coolsculpting round is required. Most patients will need more than one session. The dermatologist must make that determination.

Expect Reality-Based Results

Don’t be impatient with the coolsculpting results because it takes a few weeks to a few months to see the changes. The body will look leaner and smoother than before. However, expecting 20 pounds to drop off in a few weeks isn’t a reality-based concept. Most patients will see some pounds dropping from their frames as the fat slowly dies back. Coupling the procedure with a healthy diet will help the fat drop off at a rapid pace.

Results generated by the efforts of a reputable, cosmetic dermatologist won’t be permanent unless the patient commits to a healthy lifestyle. During and after the procedure, patients need to work out and eat a balanced diet. This lifestyle can ward off any unwanted pounds. Coupling Coolsculpting with an unhealthy lifestyle will eventually lead the patient toward a heavier weight.

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