Slim down and look great with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting: Too Good to be True or Revolutionary Method?

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Slim down and look great with CoolSculptingWhen patients in San Antonio meet with a dermatologist, they are looking for cutting-edge procedures to make their health and beauty stand out from the crowd. Dermatology isn’t always about skin blemishes. Many patients look for fat reduction processes as well. CoolSculpting, an advanced procedure for fat removal, allows the body to naturally expel fat through its waste systems. Although it sounds too good to be true, this method works for certain candidates.

Understanding CoolSculpting 

The idea of sculpting depends on cooling science. Using specialized tools, a dermatologist cools one patch of fat on a patient’s body. There’s no major pain or invasive processes. After the cooling, patients return to daily life as the fat is slowly sloughed off through natural cellular recycling. Since the fat cells are damaged, the body removes them through the lymphatic system. Visible results are often seen after three to four weeks. Although not an instantaneous fat reduction procedure, patients feel the weight drop off significantly over time. Patience is the key with this procedure.

The Ideal Candidate 

A patient’s dermatologist must determine if they’re right for the CoolSculpting process. Overweight people who have many pounds of fat throughout their body still need to rely on more traditional weight reduction processes, such as liposuction. This sculpting method is meant for patients who have certain trouble spots. Arms, hips and bellies are the most common areas for sculpting success. Doctors cool particular areas across the body. They cannot cool the entire body and expect the same results.

Increasing Visible Results 

This fat reduction process is approved by the FDA, making it a viable solution for certain patients. Doctors must make evaluations and recommendations based on each patient’s unique body type. Although one procedure may be the ultimate goal, doctors often recommend a series of sculpting processes. Over several weeks or months, doctors can fine-tune the cooling procedure to meet patient weight-loss goals. Using sculpting is truly a team effort. During the fat elimination period between treatments, it’s imperative for the patient to eat right and exercise. Sculpting is not meant to remove all fat without some work on the patient’s part. This procedure simply assists in perfecting the body’s overall look and feel.

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