Dermatologist, Better Skin for a Better You

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Dermatologist, Better Skin for a Better You

dermatologistAs the largest organ in the human body, the skin shows obvious signs of aging throughout a person’s lifetime. Wrinkles, acne, moles and other visible marks may be frustrating for people who want to have healthy skin. Although many skin marks are part of a person’s genetic makeup, there are treatments that can lead to better skin over time. Working with a dermatologist is the first step toward optimum skin health.


Fighting of Acne for Increased Self-Esteem

Acne can affect a patient on a mental level for the rest of their life. With the help of a skin professional, patients can fight these blemishes with both topical and internal solutions. Patients might use specialized soaps and lotions for the skin’s top layer while taking an antibiotic to treat the acne from within. Every patient is unique so doctors must customize each treatment to the individual.

Creating Smooth and Supple Skin with a Dermatologist

Wrinkles could plague some patients’ faces, but there are solutions to this aging problem. Micro needling is the process of adding minute collagen amounts to the skin. This material fills in crevices caused by wrinkles. A patient appears to have a smoother face with consistent micro needling treatments. In most cases, patients benefit from one treatment over several months before another one is necessary.

Encouraging Toxin Release

Dermatologists usually clean out patients’ pores at most appointments. Blackheads, whiteheads and other pore-clogging problems prevent sweat and toxins from exiting the skin. When patients’ pores are clear, the body can use these orifices to remove wastes that otherwise accumulate within other organ systems. Sweating through clear pores only helps the body stay healthy over the years.

Sculpting Choices for Patients

Patients also benefit from body sculpting solutions offered through Coolsculpting procedures. Lose weight and sculpt the hips, legs and thighs with a cold procedure. With fatty tissue breaking down within the body, patients will naturally expel the waste through the lymphatic system. Patients see visible results in just a few weeks.

Before a patient agrees to any treatment, including micro needling, he or she must ask pertinent questions about the process. Some treatments may not be compatible with a patient’s health history, for example. When communication is strong between a patient and dermatologist, they can decide together on the best care program for a better skin tone.

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