Your Dermatologist Is Not the Same as One Twenty-Five Years Ago

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dermatologist, skin doctorDermatology is not what it used to be. In the past, you would see your dermatologist for certain health concerns, such as a strange new mole or if you suspected, or needed skin cancer treatment or cyst removal.  A dermatologist was vital in protecting your health when it came to your skin. Cancer was and is a major concern that could be managed by what is also known as a skin doctor. This part hasn’t changed in the intervening years, but now, dermatology is about so much more. The medical concerns are certainly a priority, but a dermatologist can also help with cosmetic concerns as well. The fact is that more and more people are seeking out dermatology professionals to help prevent the signs of aging and deal with any scars or blemishes that they want less noticeable. There are still many people in San Antonio who aren’t aware of these additional services, however. Here are some services that your dermatologist may offer now that they didn’t in the past.

Skin Damage Repair

There are many people in San Antonio walking around with skin that they aren’t fully happy with. Oftentimes it’s the remnants of childhood acne that are causing the concerns. Sometimes it’s a scar that didn’t heal fully. Whatever the reason, your dermatologist practices new methods that can help repair damaged skin and leave it looking more youthful and vibrant. One of those methods is micro-needling. This is a process during which a professional will puncture your skin with tiny needles. As these needles make small wounds on your skin, your body’s natural tendency to heal will kick in. It will send collagen and other nutrients to the damaged site. Collagen is what gives skin its elasticity. As your skin heals, it will become more vibrant because of the collagen. After it’s finished healing, your skin will be left looking healthier and not as injured or blemished as it did before.

Fat Removal by a Dermatologistcoolsculpting

While a skin doctor can’t necessarily help with weight loss, they can help you remove any excess fat that you simply can’t get rid of by diet and exercise. For instance, a process known as CoolSculpting freezes fat cells. Once frozen, they die and are flushed away by the body’s natural systems leaving you looking leaner and healthier.

Modern Technology

Not only are dermatology professionals performing new procedures and using new methods, but they are also using new equipment and technologies. In the past, plastic surgeons performed facelifts and other procedures to make patients look younger, for example. Now, a simple visit to a dermatologist can get you similar results to that of an invasive surgery of the past. Techniques like micro-needling and CoolSculpting also didn’t exist and are now common options. So not only are they not just for cyst removal and skin cancer treatment anymore, but they can also provide services that give you great results with less danger and recovery time.

Dermatology has come a long way in the past few decades, and dermatologists have adapted right along with it. At Ochs Dermatology, you can come in for medical issues that dermatologists have traditionally helped treat. However, you can also get help fighting the signs of aging.

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