Dermatology: Beauty Treatments or Maintaining Healthy Skin?

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Traditional dermatology used to entail simple skin care, but today’s medical needs span into both cosmetic and medical worlds. From coolsculpting to treating cystic acne, a dermatologist has a host of duties to offer every patient. Regardless of the city, including San Antonio, dermatologists are available to keep the largest organ fit and healthy. 

Basic Dermatology Needs

Visiting a dermatologist at least once is normal for most people. Acne and moles are common skin issues requiring consistent evaluation and treatment. Periodic doctor visits also help the patient avoid skin cancer. A blemish on the back, for instance, is easily missed in normal skin exams by the patient themselves. The doctor can catch the issue quickly before it’s a major concern.

Facial Filler Magic

There is no need for an invasive facelift when there are facial fillers for wrinkles. As an outpatient procedure, fillers are applied just under the skin using a needle. The gel substance fills the wrinkled area, making it appear smooth and supple. These fillers can last as long as four months, forming a temporary youthful complexion. As a skin care regimen, dermatologists are widely experienced with this procedure.

Natural Fat Reduction

One of the newer skin care procedures is using cold temperatures to smooth the skin and reduce fat cells. Coolsculpting is the process of freezing cells in specific areas, such as the hips or buttocks. Unlike liposuction, patients don’t see immediate results with coolsculpting. However, the fat is slowly expelled as waste as the cells die back. In a few months, the body looks leaner and smoother than before.

Spider Vein Care

Visible veins on the legs and face are unsightly and can be painful in some cases. Injections to reduce the size and number of veins are administered. Once the veins die back, the legs have no scars and the patient feels more comfortable. Many dermatologist procedures double as healthy skin maintenance and beauty treatments, making this practice an important role in physical and mental health.

Whether a patient requires medical spider vein treatments or optional Botox fillers, a qualified dermatologist is necessary for the best care. If any skin ailment bothers a patient, there may be a solution to the issue. There’s no need to live unhappily with a mole or imperfection that’s quickly treated with current dermatology advancements.

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