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The skin is the largest organ of the body and provides critical protection from outside threats, such as viruses or sunlight radiation. Because of skin’s importance, dermatology professionals dedicate their lives to caring for it. With the sunny skies above San Antonio, it’s easy to see why skin care is so vital to long-term health. Between acne care and coolsculpting procedures, dermatologists are the physicians of the new age to keep skin care a priority.



Dermatology Basics

Dermatologists still offer some of the most important skin services for everyday visits. They’ll look over the entire body for abnormal growths, including unusual moles. Acne and blackheads are critical to treat, especially when they become cystic and extremely bothersome to patients. Most topical treatments work for patients while more severe cases usually work with an oral medication. Dermatologists are constantly looking out for new and less invasive ways to treat skin ailments for all ages.

Perfecting the Body

Just underneath the skin is adipose or fat tissue. Although patients may not think these two are related, today’s dermatologist specialists offer coolsculpting. This fat-loss alternative uses cold temperatures to remove fat naturally from the body. A specialist treats targeted areas with a cold tool. Fat tissue slowly dies back, allowing the body to remove it through basic waste processes. Patients lose weight using coolsculpting instead of an invasive liposuction technique.

Stopping Cancer in its Tracks

Skin cancer is a concern for every person, so specialists make it a point to locate any areas with tumor potential. Patients may have an area that is questionable, requiring periodic evaluation, for instance. Inpatient services are so advanced that some minor lesions could be removed at a basic appointment. Patients simply need to make consistent appointments to stay on top of potential cancer growths.

Spider Vein Care

Although spider veins are unsightly, they aren’t just a cosmetic issue. Blood pooling in these areas creates uncomfortable walking and sitting for older people. Specialists treat the veins to ease pain and reduce the look across the skin. Dermatologists will need to determine if the procedure is medically or cosmetically necessary based on patient visits.

Evaluating the skin should be a daily occurrence for all patients. Knowing when a mole appears unusual or noticing a growing rash is cause to visit a dermatology specialist. Most skin issues found early on are treatable with today’s medical research and specialized tools.

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