Eclipse MicroPen: Frequently Asked Questions

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eclipse micropen, micro-needling As time goes on, there is so much that happens to our skin to cause damage. For one, age itself can create lines that seem to pull your skin down and make you look tired. Acne scars, sun exposure, and numerous other factors can all cause your skin to look older and worn down. Among the tools people use in San Antonio to try to fight the signs of aging and lessen the look of skin damage, the Eclipse MicroPen might be one of the most important. It is used in a process called micro-needling. You can talk to your cosmetic dermatologist about this procedure, but in the meantime, here is a quick Q&A about the Eclipse MicroPen and micro-needling.

What is Micro-Needling and an Eclipse MicroPen?

Micro-needling represents an advancement in skin treatment that helps with lines, scars, and texture of the skin, among other things. The Eclipse MicroPen is the tool that many dermatologists use to get the best result. The concept behind micro-needling is that collagen heals the body and provides elasticity to the skin. When it is wounded by the tiny needles of a MicroPen, the body sends collagen to the site to help with healing. Not only with the skin heal, but it will also have much more buoyancy and vibrancy from the collagen. This effect can help with the conditions mentioned above, plus it can even help with color and tone.

What Benefits Does the Process Give you?

There are several benefits of micro-needling, but primarily it helps the skin look younger. It will help reduce wrinkles and remove the symptoms of aging, such as discoloration and poor skin tone. Not only that but even if you’ve had acne scars since youth, it can help reduce their visibility. It can also help with other types of scars and damage as well. In the end, it can also leave your skin looking refreshed and with more of a glow.

What Can Be Treated?

Quite simply, the Eclipse MicroPen can be used on any part of the body. The most common spots are the face, neck, abdomen, legs, back, and arms. That said, if you have a skin issue on any body part, micro-needling may be a great option for you.

How Does the Procedure Work?eclipse micropen

The technician starts with a MicroPen and applies a connection holding several tiny needles. Your skin will be treated with some sterile saline and then they will press the MicroPen against your skin. The tiny needles will puncture your skin, causing collagen to rush to heal it. The technician will glide the MicroPen across the section of skin until the entire spot has been treated.

Does it Hurt?

It might hurt a little, bit, but not very much. Certain spots on the body are more sensitive to pain, as well. For the most part, since the needles are so tiny, there is little pain but there will be some discomfort. The technician can also provide a hydrating gel to lessen discomfort and make the treatment easier to handle. An entire treatment may only take up to 30 minutes, so you can do it on your lunch break.

You will start to notice a visible difference after several treatments. Right away, you may notice that your skin has an extra glow to it.  Generally, a treatment period lasts up to 6 months to achieve the full results. Give Ochs Dermatology a call today to discuss with a cosmetic dermatologist whether micro-needling with an Eclipse MicroPen is a good option for you.

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