Eclipse MicroPen: Rejuvenation at Your Fingertips

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Eclipse MicroPen: Rejuvenation at Your Fingertips

The skin covers many square feet of the human body, which makes it a focal point when people walk into a room. Over time, the skin will develop differing textures that some people may not prefer. Lines, wrinkles and pockmarks can grow on any skin area. To combat these skin anomalies, people might explore surgical solutions. Outright surgery isn’t necessary today because microneedling is a smart choice. Discover the wonder that the Eclipse MicroPen introduces, and the rejuvenation at patients fingertips.

The Eclipse Micropen Appearance

When patients first hear about a microneedling procedure, they often picture an old-fashioned roller utensil that covers their bodies. The MicroPen is different because it has a completely benign appearance. It’s true that it looks just like a writing pen. Doctors will normally buy the Eclipse MicroPen as a wireless tool. They simply charge it up for each session. The tip is removable so that a fresh set of needles can be used on every patient. With this design, there’s no concern about needles being reused and spreading germs.

Understanding the Science Behind the Treatment

Patients who don’t understand the science behind the treatment may be wary about trying it because they have that question in the back of their mind, “Does Micro Needling Work?”.  The concept is very simple. Professionals select an area of the skin that has wrinkles or scars. They press the needles into the skin in order to cover this entire area with minute wounds. The needles don’t reach the vascular part of the skin, which would cause bleeding. Needles only penetrate part of the skin so that healing processes are triggered. After the microneedling, the body will repair the area with smooth skin that effectively removes almost all traces of the wrinkles, lines or scars.

Preparing the Skin

Professionals don’t use the needles on bare skin. They prepare the treatment area by adding a lubricating gel. In some cases, the gel will have a slight numbing agent so that there’s almost no discomfort. The lubricating gel allows the pen to move swiftly across the skin without any obstacles. Skin damage might result if the pen catches on the surface contours. Professionals may test the surface before the treatment to avoid any mishaps while performing the needling actions.

During the Procedure

Patients are normally lying down during the procedure as the gel is initially spread onto the skin. The doctor should discuss their actions with the patient as they occur. With the patient’s eyes closed, the professional moves the pen across the intended area. The patient might feel some sensations as the tiny needles move into the skin. It’s important for the patient to lie still because the needles need to enter the skin at a specific angle. The pen appears to move very quickly across the area until the professional is satisfied with the results.

Those Glowing Results

The skin will usually have a brilliant glow after the treatment. Immune-system responses are calling out for the healing process to begin. Micro needling treatment isn’t an instant fix for skin anomalies, however. It will take about 30 days to really see the Eclipse Micropen treatment results. Some patients must opt for several separate treatments so that deeper lines and wrinkles can be removed. Each case is a unique one, and doctors will customize a plan that works for each individual during evaluations.

Every candidate for the Eclipse MicroPen must work with their medical professional first. The patient should be basically healthy with skin that’s free of any open wounds. With one needling session completed, the doctor will decide on further treatments. The ultimate goal is clear skin with a natural appearance.

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