Everything About the Eclipse MicroPen ™ You’ve Been Wanting to Know

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Everything About the Eclipse MicroPen™ You’ve Been Wanting to Know

When we were young, we probably didn’t ever think about the health of our skin. It always looked youthful and vibrant, with a healthy amount of collagen to keep it that way. Sure, we may have worn sunscreen that adults told us to wear, but we didn’t really consider the long-term effects. We probably also didn’t worry about things like smoking, and we ate anything we wanted. Now though, as we get older, we start to see the consequences of our youth. Treatments, such as using an Eclipse MicroPen™ for micro needling, can help rebuild the collagen in your skin and restore it to its youthful vigor. Collagen comes in short supply when you’re older, and it’s collagen that keeps your skin vibrant. Here is everything you need to know about the Eclipse MicroPen and how it is used. 

eclipse micropenWhat is An Eclipse MicroPen™?

The Eclipse MicroPen™ is the tool used for the branch of dermatology known as micro-needling. It has tiny needles that create miniature wounds on the surface of the skin. The needles are small enough that there is very little pain or discomfort. 

What is Microneedling?

The concept behind micro-needling is that when the body is wounded, it will then reinforce the site with collagen to stimulate healing. Collagen is what gives skin its elasticity, which makes it look more vibrant, plumper, and healthier. Not only that but these mini abrasions also better allow the application of other products that can help with skin health. 

What Kind of Benefits Can You Get From This Treatment?

The main benefit, of course, is younger and healthier looking skin. It can be used as a treatment on the face, but also certain parts of the body. It works on all skin types as well. The dermatology industry is always looking for new ways of improving the skin using non-surgical needs. The Eclipse MicroPen™ and the micro-needling procedure are great ways to achieve this goal. It is not only non-invasive but also more natural, as it uses the body’s systems to fight to age. 

What Does it Help With?

There are several things that can be corrected with micro-needling. Pretty much any superficial skin issue can be helped. These include spots, stretch marks, scars from surgery or acne, photodamage, hyperpigmentation, and many more. If you are in San Antonio, then check with the experts at Ochs to see if micro-needling might be able to help with your skin issue.

What Happens During Treatment?

To start with, the technician or dermatologist will clean and sanitize the area to prepare it. Then, they will apply an anesthetic, which will make the process much more comfortable. After the numbing agent has had time to work, they will then use the Eclipse MicroPen™ on the target area. It glides over the area many times, to ensure maximum penetration. The skin will be red and tender for about a day, but you should have no problem returning to normal activities right away. Many patients say that they can see better results after just one treatment.

The Eclipse MicroPen™ is a powerful tool to

eclipse micropenhelp fight the effects of aging on the skin. It will help the skin feel and look refreshed and younger. In most cases, you can see results right away, but you can see the full results after anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments. For more information, contact Ochs Dermatology in San Antonio for a consultation. 

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