Facial Scarring? Micro-Needling Can Help.

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Facial Scarring? Micro-Needling Can Help.

micro-needlingScarring is a part of the natural healing process associated with an injury or abrasion. One of the key elements at work in scar formation is collagen, which is commonly referred to as “scar tissue”. Collagen helps wounds close by replacing damaged skin cells with a stronger, less elastic tissue. Unfortunately, it can take weeks, months, or years for this new tissue to cosmetically blend with surrounding tissue. This can be quite uncomfortable for patients, especially when the scar is on a visible area such as the face. Luckily, micro-needling is a new procedure in cosmetic dermatology that helps patients who are seeking cosmetic relief from visible facial scarring.

Micro-Needling Procedure

The micro-needling procedure uses tiny needle pricks to the superficial layer of the scar. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which then cause the skin to become soft and thick before fully healing and eliminating the appearance of the scar. Some cosmetic dermatology clinics combine micro-needling treatment with the application of platelet rich plasma (PRP) or stem growth factors (GF) to the skin’s surface. This additionally increases the production of collagen and further promotes the healing process.

What to Expect

After prepping the scarred area of the face, the Dermatologist will slide a pen with a small needled tip over the skin. Usually, there is very little pain or discomfort during the procedure; however, there will be redness and swelling over the scarred area for 2-4 days. After a short week or two, patients will begin to see their formerly scared skin becoming healthy and vibrant. After a few months the full results will be seen. In certain cases, multiple treatments may be needed to fully treat the scar. These treatments are generally spaced 6-8 weeks apart and frequency is determined by the severity of the scar.

Micro-Needling Treatment Results

The micro-needling procedure can reduce and eliminate scars formed by acne and minor trauma to the face. It additionally can be used to help stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles disappear. Patient satisfaction rates after treatment are high as there is a minimal amount of pain, low risk of infection, and little to no side effects. It should be noted that in order to achieve maximum results, patients are advised to reduce their exposure to sunlight and always apply sunscreen to the treated area.


Consultation to assess the degree of facial scarring and required treatments is done during an office visit to a cosmetic dermatologist. During the visit, the physician will inspect the affected area and educate the patient in regards to treatment options, alternatives and if there will be any micro-needling side effects. If the patient decides to go ahead with the micro-needling treatment, logistics will then be discussed and the procedure date and time will be decided upon. By educating themselves beforehand and asking questions during consultation, patients will know exactly what to expect and the treatment process will go smoothly with little to no complications.

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