Facts About Botox That Make You Go Huh?

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botox, cosmetic dermatologistBeauty isn’t always simple. Very few people, even those who are “born” with it, carry it on as they age. We develop wrinkles, and, or our skin sags, or we have a little more girth than we’d like. The amazing thing is that we now have so many technologies and techniques that can help slow those signs of aging to keep us looking youthful. Botox is one such innovation that is incredibly popular in San Antonio. It’s an injection that can help smooth out the skin and retain its elasticity. As common as it has become, there is still a lot about this procedure that many people don’t know. Here is a list of some surprising facts about Botox.

Botox Can Help with Excessive Sweating

Most people know that Botox can help treat wrinkles and lines. What most people don’t know, however, is that it can help with excessive sweating. If you have found that you soak through your clothes just by sitting in an air-conditioned waiting room, then Botox might be for you! If it is injected directly into your sweat glands, it can disrupt the signals in your nervous system that activate your sweat glands. This effect can last up to 8 months, which means you don’t have to wear extra deodorant during that time. If you think this might be a treatment for you, contact a cosmetic dermatologist at Ochs Dermatology.

It Can Alleviate Depression

Have you ever heard the advice that if you smile more throughout the day, then your mood will brighten? Well, it seems that this concept may be taken even a bit further than just a simple mood. Some studies have shown that Botox may be able to help with depression. Human emotions are tied to the expressions you make with your facial muscles. If those muscles are relaxed, this connection is disrupted. To paraphrase one of the researchers on this study, they say that when that signal is disrupted, it inhibits the development of negative thoughts and emotions. It’s very strange to think that a cosmetic dermatologist may be able to help you with depression.

It Can Alleviate Pain

Much of the practice of pain relief is about relaxing muscles or soothing the nerves that send signals to pain receptors. When muscles tighten, it is a significant cause of chronic pain in many people, especially when they exercise as they get older. Botox injections loosen the muscles, which can alleviate pain and significantly increase the quality of life for those who suffer from chronic pain.

It Helps with Migraines

In 2013, the FDA granted approval for Botox injections to be recognized as a treatment for migraines. The strange thing is, there is no known proven reason why it works. It just does. There is a theory that it works by disrupting pain signals as they head to your nerve endings. However, that theory has not been proven.

Overactive Bladder

The FDA has also approved Botox for treating overactive bladders. It can help reduce leaking events by 70% and prevent discomfort and embarrassment. Sometimes it works a little too well, so patients may need to have treatment to get them to urinate again.

As you can see, while being a great treatment for lines and wrinkles, Botox has many other uses. Talk to your doctor to see if a cosmetic dermatologist may be able to help you.

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