Fat Reduction: Fat Freezing Procedure vs. Going Under the Knife

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fat freezing procedureThere are several pathways to a leaner body with today’s surgical techniques. In fact, some fat-removal processes are incredibly noninvasive. Before you decide on any dramatic change, consider your options between the various techniques. Choosing between a fat freezing procedure and going under the knife are two extremely different experiences that deserve a second look.

Qualifying for the Procedure

Patients must always be evaluated for their fitness when it comes to any procedure. Going under the knife is a serious surgery that may not be right for everyone. Coolsculpting is different, however. No incisions are necessary. 

The procedure depends on a tool that freezes fat in specific locations. Your doctor places the cooling applicator over the problem areas so that the cold can break down the fat. The procedure ends after about an hour. Because of its noninvasive technique, almost anyone qualifies for this fat freezing procedure. The majority of pre-existing conditions don’t interfere with the procedure’s success.

No Surgery Necessary

The main attraction of Coolsculpting in San Antonio is the lack of surgery. A cosmetic dermatologist performs the procedure in an office setting. You’re welcome to read, listen to music or distract yourself otherwise. In contrast, surgical fat removal procedures almost always require sedation. Being put under anesthesia is not for everyone and involves a recovery time. 

If you want to avoid surgery at all costs, fat freezing options are your best choices. There’s never any sedation. You can take an afternoon off for the procedure or schedule your appointment during your lunch hour so you won’t miss work.

Instant Gratification

Surgical fat removal provides instant gratification. You can see many of the results immediately after the procedure. You look leaner than before, which justifies the entire experience. However, there will be a recovery time for swelling and puffiness to subsite and you may have to wear a wrap type article over the area for a few months.  When this time has passed, you will see the ultimate results and the difference in your body’s shape. 

coolsculptingFat freezing techniques are deceptive at first glance. The treated area doesn’t look much different although you feel some tingling in the tissues. Your internal waste system or lymphatic vessels will remove the fat over a natural course of time. The ultimate results will be apparent after a few months.

Recovery Time Differences

There’s no real recovery time for fat freezing techniques. You can stand up and drive home after each session. This fact makes fat freezing a popular choice among busy professionals. 

Surgical fat removal always has a recovery time. Depending on the surgery, it can take several days to feel better once again. Because of the incisions, you will need to take it easy during your first week after the procedure. You need time for the area to settle down from the inherent swelling after surgery. If you experience complications, your recovery time is much longer compared to other patients too.

A Common Element Between a Fat Freezing Procedure and Liposuction

While there are many factors that define Coolsculpting and liposuction, there’s a common element that binds them. They cannot ward off fatty tissue forever. It’s the patient’s responsibility to lead a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and adequate exercise.

Because both procedures have a specific, out-of-pocket cost, it only benefits you to curb those cravings and get active. Be aware that fat freezing techniques can be repeated through the years at the discretion of your doctor. Fat removal surgery, in contrast, has its limits. Ideally, use any of these procedures as turning points in your life. Change your lifestyle for the good of your health.

Regardless of your chosen procedure, always select an experienced doctor to help you through the process. Dr. Ochs is an experienced Cosmetic Dermatologist in San Antonio and will discuss your options and any concerns you may have before any work commences. From a fat freezing procedure to traditional liposuction, a lean figure is in your future with the right choices for your medical conditions.

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