Fat Removal Without Surgery: Is CoolSculpting Really Effective?

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fat removal without surgery, coolsculptingYou exercise and eat healthy foods on a regular basis. In response, your body has a leaner appearance than years before. Your figure, however, may not be ideal. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure for a slimmer, less lumpy you, explore your options with CoolSculpting. Fat removal without surgery is effective when it’s performed by a talented professional. 

The Science of Fat Cells 

The amount of fat that your body has is determined by both genetics and daily behavior. Generally, you gain extra fat cells when you eat more food than you can burn in a given day. The fat essentially multiplies in number. 

When you commit to losing weight through diet and exercise, you’re not actually removing fat. These cells expand and contract based on your eating habits. You lose weight because the fat cells shrink in size. They don’t disappear. 

Because fat cells remain stubbornly in place, you might consider a trip to the cosmetic dermatologist. CoolSculpting removes fat cells in a unique way. 

Targeting Fat with Cold Temperatures 

Fat removal without surgery involves cold temperatures. Doctors set their machines to about 39° Fahrenheit to generate the desired results. The machine might be set very low, but it doesn’t actually cool the skin to this level. 

The skin and fat tissue drop in temperature. The machine’s cold temperatures can reach deep to about two centimeters into the tissue. This depth is optimal to reach the fat for removal purposes. Most San Antonio patients only report slight tingling and cold sensations during the procedure. 

Details Behind Fat Removal Without Surgery coolsculpting

Your cosmetic dermatologist uses a specialized paddle for the cold application. He pinpoints certain areas to be treated. This strategy ensures that the results will be what you expected during the consultation. 

Because CoolSculpting is a gradual process, multiple visits might be necessary. With each appointment, the professional targets new fat cells. There are no worries about damaging any other tissues either, such as your skin. The procedure has been refined to target only fat cells. Complete your procedure during lunch or after work. You won’t require any downtime. 

Determining the Best Candidate 

The best candidate for nonsurgical, fat removal has a slightly overweight figure. They need to lose those last five to 10 pounds. Their health should be fair with no chronic, skin ailments around the treatment area. 

CoolSculpting works on most major body parts too, such as the abdomen. Your arms and legs might be other areas to pinpoint too. 

Both men and women benefit from this procedure. Fat distributes differently across the genders. With this fact in mind, the doctor will perform a slightly different procedure on every patient. 

Cautioning Patients After Treatment 

Remind yourself that cold treatments take time for the real results. It can take weeks or months for the fat to break down. The freezing procedure is just the beginning of the fat-removal process. The body’s waste systems take over by removing the fat from underneath the skin. 

The lymphatic system pulls the fat. You might notice your targeted areas growing smaller by the day as the lymph continues to work its natural processes. Take photos of the results because the gradual changes will be apparent over time. 

A reputable, San Antonio cosmetic dermatologist at Ochs Dermatology can help you with your dream figure. Start out with a consultation, which covers your cosmetic options. Fat removal without surgery is one of the safest procedures offered today. After your treatment, time will give you the body you have been working for.

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