Fat Removal Without Surgery: CoolSculpting at the Cellular Level

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fat removal without surgeryMany people in San Antonio have a concern about their appearance when it comes to body fat. Upper-arm fat, belly bulge, and those oversized love handles are top contenders for most men and women today. Strict dieting along with daily workouts at the gym have become common in society today. Fighting the bulge becomes a lifelong challenge. There is a solution however, that can help the average person with their weight goals. Consider the concept of fat removal without surgery and how it impacts your body at the cellular level.

Shrinking Fat Cells

Before any person visits a cosmetic dermatologist for an evaluation, it’s important to understand how fat reacts in the human body. During adolescence, your body creates the fat cells that will remain at the same volume throughout your life. Gaining and losing weight involves the amount of fat stored in those cells. You’re not changing the number of cells in your body. They’re contracting and expanding as you lead either an indulgent or healthy lifestyle. CoolSculpting is designed to remove those fat cells so it doesn’t matter if they’re shrunk or distended at that point.

Fighting Off Weight Gain

If you grew up with a little bit of extra weight on your body, the number of fat cells has been established for your shape. This fat is important from an evolutionary standpoint because it helps you survive through famines. However, the modern world has more indulgences than famines. Fighting off weight gain is a challenge because reducing the number of cells isn’t possible. You’re simply forcing them to shrink in size as you eat lean proteins and more produce. Eat fatty foods once again, and the fat cells swell.

Opting for Fat Removal Without Surgery

A cosmetic dermatologist can help you reach your desired weight by performing CoolSculpting. This procedure is entirely non-invasive. The doctor places a paddle across your trouble areas. This tool freezes the fatty tissue, which causes it to break down. Your body uses its natural systems to remove the fat cells for good. Your body will not create more fat cells once these are gone.

Good candidates for this procedure don’t have severe obesity. They have certain areas of unwanted fat that require treatment. A clean bill of health is also required so that side effects are minimal.

Choosing Treatment Areas

Fat removal without surgery is possible in key areas. Your torso, thighs, and chin are all good candidates for this procedure. Your cosmetic dermatologist may also have the latest training to combat that underarm fat. As you decide on treatment areas, the doctor creates a schedule. CoolSculpting typically requires several visits for the best results. These dates depend on the amount of sculpting that’s necessary and your overall health. Ideally, several weeks must go by before another procedure will be performed. 

Waiting for the Results

These procedures require a patient person. You won’t see the fat melting off your body in just a few days. The body needs several months to naturally eliminate the cells. To motivate yourself, take daily pictures. Stand in the same position each time. You’ll gradually see the difference as the body fights off the fat cells.

The body wants to expel these cells now because the freezing procedure kills off the tissue. Your lymphatic system doesn’t want declining tissue, so it targets these cells. Every month leaves you looking slimmer than before.

Fat removal without surgery in San Antonio must be performed by a qualified dermatologist. The professionals at Ochs Dermatology can examine each patient and decide on the best treatment options. Tackling fat at the cellular level forces the body to expel it over time. No other weight-loss solution has the same impact as CoolSculpting treatments.

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