Feel great about yourself with Botox

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Feel great about yourself with Botox

botoxAs the years pass by, the skin starts to show its age. The skin begins to lose its elasticity that was inherently within the cells when a person was a child and teenager. In the past, concerned patients turned to facial lifts and other extreme measures to ward off the signs of aging. When a patient wants to feel great about their appearance, Botox is a simple solution.


Minimal Recovery Time

Today’s Botox and coolsculpting procedures are unlike the skin treatments of the past. Patients don’t require days or weeks of recovery after a dermatologist visit. Many patients actually schedule these procedures after work and return to normal routines just 12 hours later. Every patient is unique; however, a dermatologist must analyze each treatment process and match it to the person’s health history.

Long-Term Results with Botox

Unlike coolsculpting, Botox isn’t permanent. However, patients do achieve long-term results with a proper treatment program. Botox can last several months and even up to a year in some cases. Ideally, a patient must come in for Botox once or twice a year to keep the appearance consistent. The skin will revert to wrinkles if Botox wears off entirely. It’s up to the doctor and patient to create a schedule that works for both parties.

Enhance Self-Esteem

As a teenager, a patient may have had acne that damaged both their skin and self-esteem. Wrinkles can create the same self-esteem issues in older adults too. Botox is a solution for people who are concerned about their appearance to others. After a treatment, patients can go out and socialize without any fears of appearing old or unhealthy.

Save on Cosmetic Costs

Feeling great with Botox treatment also means that patients don’t have to mask their age by using makeup. In fact, patients could use minimal makeup to enhance their features. There’s no need to fill in lines or wrinkles to feel young. The skin will glow with a healthy look for many months after the treatment. As a result, patients spend less on makeup over time.

From microdermabrasion to coolsculpting, numerous procedures are available to patients based on their individual needs. Botox is becoming an everyday procedure that’s safe for nearly every person. Ward off aging with a visit to the dermatologist, and patients will see a more youthful appearance.

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