Find a Good Dermatology Clinic With These Tips

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Like any profession, there are good dermatologists and some that are not as good. There could be several reasons for this, but finding a quality dermatology clinic is important if you need skin rejuvenation treatments. You need a dermatologist that meets all of your needs and is one that works with you for the best skincare options for you. Here are some tips on finding a good dermatology clinic

Certifications and Credentials

The fact is, once someone gets a medical degree they can start practicing. However, just because they are an MD it does not mean that they are specialists in every field. Your cosmetic dermatologist should have all of the necessary certifications to be qualified as a reputable practitioner. If you are considering a certain clinic, then you can research online what certifications their doctors have, and what skin rejuvenation treatments they can specialize in. Any dermatologist should be certified by the American Board of Dermatology. A doctor might be a certified physician, but it does not mean that they are true dermatologists. cosmetic dermatologist, Skin rejuvenation

They Are Primarily Concerned With Your Care

Great dermatologists are mostly concerned with your care. That means they ask a lot of questions about your skin and about yourself, and they take great care in looking at your chart. They do not watch the clock to make sure that everyone is shuffled through the clinic as quickly as possible. They will also not rush your care. They will make sure to schedule all of your necessary tests and to explain every step clearly for you. A good dermatology clinic goes beyond simply offering skin rejuvenation treatments. They are focused on you as a patient and as a person. 

They Do Not Treat You Like a Consumer

Part of that assembly line mentality that some clinics have is treating the patient like a shopper. They push certain products and services, regardless if they are truly appropriate for you. Their primary interest is to get your money, and not in making sure that you are safe and get the best treatment possible. 


Responsible dermatology clinics want to make sure that you are offered the best possible skin care solution for you. That means not only the treatment that will get the best results, but also one that fits within every patient’s budget. Even with coverage, prescriptions can come with copay amounts that could be very damaging if a skin-care product does not work out as intended. That’s why many dermatologists will offer samples to their patients so that they can try things before committing. That way they do not end up being stuck with something that doesn’t work for them. 

Around the Clock Care

If your dermatologist is pushing you out the door and not leaving you with any information or guidance, then they are definitely not right for you. You need to be able to get in touch with your clinic at any time for help, such as if you experience a reaction or an unexpected side effect. Many dermatologists have on-call services or after-hours clinic times so that their patients have a way to talk to them when they need help or information. 

Dermatology Clinic in San Antonio

If you are in San Antonio and looking for a responsible dermatology clinic, then Ochs is your best bet. We will provide you with the care and consideration you deserve when you want the healthiest and most vibrant skin possible. 


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