FREEZE THE FAT with Coolsculpting

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FREEZE THE FAT with Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting might be the solution to losing those last five or ten pounds that continue to frustrate you. It may seem impossible for those bulges to disappear with conventional diets and exercise. However, there are the latest technologies that can help almost anyone with their weight-loss needs. Coolsculpting is a well-known cosmetic procedure in San Antonio that freezes fat cells.  Once those cells are dead they will naturally be removed from the body leaving a more sculpted look in troubled areas. Consider what a cosmetic dermatologist can do for certain patients when they need help with those body sections.

Great Procedure Candidates

Before anyone considers Coolsculpting, they need to know if they’re good candidates. A person who’s morbidly obese, for instance, isn’t right for this procedure. The procedure only reduces fat in specific areas. It’s not an all-around fat-reducing strategy. Good candidates are healthy in most respects with only a few fatty deposits around the legs, torso or arms. A cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio can discuss a patient’s options when they arrive for a consultation. At that point, another procedure might be suggested.  A patient may also want to do some research and check out some coolsculpting reviews by others who have had the procedure done.

What to Expect

Coolsculpting is a relatively simple procedure. A doctor will pinpoint those trouble areas, and verify if they’re good spots for the sculpting tool. With the patient in a comfortable position, the doctor applies the tool to the skin. The patient will feel a cool sensation where the tool resides, but it shouldn’t feel too cold where discomfort results. Depending on the fat’s extent, the professional might place the tool in several other areas and repeat the process again. When the doctor is happy with the progress, the patient is welcome to go home.

Looking for Results

Patients might look for results the moment that they return home, but they won’t see much of a difference. This sculpting procedure freezes the fat and allows the body to remove it through natural processes. In fact, it might take up to several months to see a difference. The skin will look smoother as the patient’s weight slowly drops in numbers. The doctor might have the patient return for a follow-up exam at some point, and a new weight can be recorded at that time.

Ask a cosmetic dermatologist about their experience with this procedure on other patients. You may not know what kind of questions you have until you begin a discussion with your dermatologist. Always work with a professional who understands the technology inside and out. The results can look spectacular in the end.

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