Going under the needle with Microneedling

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Going under the needle with Microneedling

MicroneedlingWhen a patient wants to turn back the hands of time, they often look for simple dermatology procedure done to the face to achieve that younger appearance. Microneedling is a treatment that involves the use of needles piercing the skin in order to encourage new cell growth. This procedure is very popular in San Antonio but a prospective patient might be curious about this treatment so it’s a good idea to understand the basic details about it. Do your research on Cosmetic Dermatologists in your area if you do not already have a physician for this type of procedure. You will want to schedule a consultation and determine the best plan for your situation.



Preparing the Skin

On the day of your procedure, the dermatologist cannot apply the Eclipse MicroPen also known as a Dermapen without first preparing the skin. Every skin surface must be cleansed and dried before microneedling. Ideally, the patient should not wear any lotions or makeup to the appointment. The skin should be clean and dry and not have any film residue from cosmetics or products. Depending on the professional, a numbing agent might also be applied to the area of the skin that is to be treated so there is no discomfort during the procedure.

The Microneedling Procedure

The  Dermapen has 12 needles that are arranged in a specific orientation. As the procedure begins, the needles enter the skin to a depth of 2 approximately millimeters. This depth is shallow enough to prevent most pain or bleeding issues. The doctor will continue to move the needles up and down a selected area in order to pierce the skin in an even manner. This may sound a bit odd but the treatment stimulates new cell growth.  With those new cells you have younger looking skin.

Skin-Irritation Side Effects

A patient might feel like the skin is mildly sunburned after the procedure. This sensation and reddened appearance is entirely normal for most patients. In fact, you won’t see the best results until a few weeks have passed. The skin needs time to swell, bruise and heal itself. The dermatologist might offer some topical products so that your skin can calm down from the piercing stress.

Final Results

After several months, the real results should be apparent to the patient. Treated areas, such as wrinkles and acne scars, will look smooth and supple. The new skin cells that grow in will have a glowing effect on the rest of the patient’s appearance. Patients might need more than one treatment, however, to achieve the desired results.

Dermapen is one of the most common products that dermatologists use today with their patients. However, some professionals choose alternative products. For the best microneedling results, select a professional who exclusively uses this brand. With the right tool and professional experience, a patient can enjoy young-looking skin for the foreseeable future.

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