Who is a good candidate for microneedling

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Who is a good candidate for microneedling

Microneedling is a procedure that requires several tiny needles in order to pierce the skin in specific areas. The needles stimulate the skin and immediate tissues just below it. The resulting healing processes help the skin look younger and firmer with new tissues being formed. Generally, dermatologists in San Antonio perform this procedure for many patients. If patients are wondering if they’re good candidates for microneedling, they should consider a few facts about the procedure.

Twenty Years and Older

In general, almost every adult is a good candidate for this procedure. Cosmetic dermatology isn’t normally suggested for children and teens because the body is still developing. Adults with any skin tone can benefit from needling because it merely stimulates the skin to build new tissue. It’s possible to perform the procedure on patients with both thick and thin skin. The needles will simply be adjusted for the skin’s texture. Only experienced dermatologists should perform the procedure, however. Needles are still an invasive tool that requires a steady hand and keen dermatology skills.

Free From Infections

Good candidates are also free from any infections. If patients currently have a rash or fever, the needle procedure might make the ailment worse. As the needles pierce the skin, they cause some tissue damage. The body is busy fighting off infections so the pierced area may not heal as efficiently as it would in a patient with no ailments. A cosmetic dermatology professional will interview and examine each patient in order to verify that no infections are currently occurring.

Patients With Scarring

Some of the best candidates for this needle procedure are patients with some scars. Injuries, acne and other scars can be very visible on the skin. As dermatologists use needles on these areas, new skin tissue is stimulated. It’s possible to fade some scars away as more needle procedures are performed in a successive manner. Some scars, however, cannot be entirely erased with needles. Each patient is unique so doctors will need to work with every individual to achieve their personal health goal.

Microneedling coverage

Cosmetic dermatology in San Antonio isn’t always covered under medical insurance. Elective procedures are usually out-of-pocket charges. However, some patients might have an ailment that makes their treatment applicable toward insurance coverage. Patients can work with their doctor, and determine which procedure is right for them. Microneedling might be the perfect procedure for many skin ailments.

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