How A Kybella Injection Can Help Slim Down Your Face

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How A Kybella Injection Can Help Slim Down Your Face

It may not always seem fair, but people are often judged based on their looks. Appearance is a crucial part of people’s self-image and self-worth. The face is a particular area of concern for most people, specifically their chin. No one likes having the dreaded double chin. Unfortunately, it’s a very common area for fat to accumulate and sag. It can also be incredibly difficult to target. At least that used to be the case. Nowadays, it’s nothing a Kybella injection can’t fix.

Aggressive and invasive surgical procedures have obvious drawbacks. These procedures can be risky and can leave you out of commission for long periods of time and require extensive recovery. Many surgical procedures have been known for uncertainty in quality control as well. 

Injectable fillers may be a viable option. The popularity of these various fillers is increasing and more and more individuals are turning to filler injections as a way to combat the difficult early aesthetic signs of aging. Fillers can be used to increase elasticity and have shown positive benefits to the under-chin area. Though once significant sagging has taken place, it is very hard to use fillers to fight gravity. 

Luckily there have been many advancements in recent years in the world of cosmetic enhancements. Kybella injections are one of the most intriguing developments in the anti-aging field. How do Kybella injections work? What can they offer, and what does the procedure take? 

What is a Kybella Injection?

This technique uses deoxycholic injections delivered in a series and targets fat Kybella injectioncells under the chin. One of the best parts about Kybella injections is that there is no surgery, no incisions, and very limited downtime involved. 

When combating sagging skin under the chin, injectable fillers may not hold all the answers. The benefit of Kybella treatments is that they can target and breakdown fat cells in this difficult to access area. Destroying these cells makes them unable to store fat there anymore. With careful administration by a trained healthcare professional, Kybella treatments can be targeted to avoid the unwanted destruction of other cells while focusing on troublesome fat cells alone. 

What Is In A Kybella Injection?

These injections use a synthetic version of a bile acid known as deoxycholic acid. This acid occurs naturally in your body and will be generated in order to help absorb fat. Kybella uses a synthesized version of this and injects it under your chin. By targeting these fat cells, the injections will break fat cells down, not only reducing the fullness under your chin but also permanently destroying those fat cells, making them unable to hold future fat in this area. No more treatment is needed when the desired goal is reached.

What Does This Procedure Involve?

Typically this will involve 20-30 injections under the chin. Usage of a topical numbing agent or making sure to ice the injection sites can minimize discomfort during the process. The acid will then work gradually to breakdown fat cells over the next few weeks. 

Multiple treatments may be necessary to reach the results you are looking for. If paced one month apart, you are able to receive Kybella injections up to 6 times. 

A medical professional will monitor you during the procedure and ensure that the injections are not interacting in any unwanted way with your body. 

Under-chin sagging, fullness, loose skin, and the dreaded jowls can be very difficult to deal with. For such a hard to target area, the results possible with Kybella injections can be quite amazing. Surgery may not be necessary or even the best option. With a few injections sessions, you can see permanent results and a drastic transformation. If you’re in San Antonio or the surrounding area, give us a call to book a consultation.

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