How a Visit to a Dermatologist Can Change Your Life.

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Caring for the skin is one of the best ways to stay healthy overall. This large organ is almost always under stress, however. When the hot summer strikes San Antonio, residents should always be aware of the sun on the skin and wear sunscreen to combat any ailments. Visiting a dermatologist regularly can actually change lives, from beautification to warding off skin cancer.


Topical Dermatologist Treatments Used Less

Dermatology used to encompass many topical treatments, from removing blackheads to smoothing on the latest facial lotion. Modern dermatology focuses on the internal aspects too. If acne isn’t responding to basic topical treatments, for example, an oral medicine could be necessary. Working from the inside out, patients could see better results without using an abrasive topical. Skin issues do require some trial-and-error, however, as doctors devise a unique medical plan for each patient.

Smooth out Those Problem Areas

Changing patients’ lives at the doctor’s office includes losing weight. Unlike liposuction and other invasive procedures, coolsculpting is the newest way to drop fat naturally. Doctors apply a cold treatment to a particularly fatty area, such as the thighs. There are no incisions or recovery time because the cold treatment slowly kills off fatty tissue, allowing it to be disposed of naturally through the body’s waste system. Coolsculpting changes lives as the body becomes sleeker over the next few months.

Botox for Special Occasions

Botox is still one of those outpatient procedures that works wonders on the face. When a reunion or big meeting is coming up, visit the dermatology office to have a quick Botox session. Tiny needles inject Botox into the face to create a firmer and nearly wrinkle-free surface. Although it’s not permanent like coolsculpting, patients appreciate the youthful look for several months.

Stay on Top of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a real threat as more people work and play outside. Visit the doctor for an entire body exam. Unusual moles should be examined and watched for potential cancer issues. If any cancers are detected, many of them can be surgically removed when found early on.

A trusted dermatologist should be visited at least once a year for a basic checkup, but more often is preferable. New procedures are introduced every few months, giving patients a chance to benefit from health and beauty enhancements the moment they’re released. Feel brand new with each doctor appointment to stay youthful every year.

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