How Exactly Do Collagen Injections Work?

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Collagen is your skin’s support structure. It makes up over 80 percent of your skin and builds a framework of fibers to keep your skin moisturized and elastic. Skin is the largest organ in your body and maintaining healthy skin can be very important to your overall health as well as vital in your cosmetic appearance. That’s why more and more people in San Antonio are turning to collagen injections for a little help.

There are many options in the field of dermatology that can help repair skin damage or revitalize the look of your skin and even help plump up and soften thinning lips. These can range greatly in effect, efficiency, investment, and commitment. An invasive surgical procedure may be an option for you, but this can potentially leave you out of commission for a lengthy period of time, during recovery. Not everyone can fit a facelift into their lives. 

That’s where collagen injections come in. You can get them done with minimal downtime and they can give great results. The trade-off, however, is that they require multiple reapplications as they will wear off over time. 

How exactly do these injections work, and what can they offer you? Lets breakdown the procedure and how it can benefit your skin. 

What Damages your Skin and Breaks Down Collagen?

Over time, collagen will break down and deteriorate and cause your skin to lose its elasticity and weaken. It’s a natural part of aging. 

Stress and strain on your skin can also break down the collagen content in your tissue. This can include muscle tension and repeated stretching, flexing, and squeezing of that tissue. Squinting, laughing, smiling, frowning, and any continuous and frequent usage of facial muscles will stress the collagen in your skin and can breakdown in the areas of strain to form fine lines and wrinkles. 

The other key factor in collagen deterioration is sun exposure. The sun can be incredibly damaging to your skin. Extensive sun exposure, as well as overexposure leading to burning, will have lasting effects on your skin. Using high SPF sunscreen as well as limiting exposure, covering up and protecting yourself from the sun can help. This is the foundation of a healthy dermatology routine

No matter how you try to limit exposure, some of this deterioration is inevitable, and like it or not, time will catch up to your skin. Collagen injections can help minimize how your skin is affected by the wear of time. 

collagen injectionsReplenish Your Skin with Collagen Injections

Injections fill in collagen to your skin structure. They bring back the natural beauty of your skin by replenishing what was once there. This can fill in wrinkles, tighten skin elasticity, and help smooth your skin. They can also be delivered as soft fillers to your lips for plumpness and fullness. 

These injections should only be carried out by trained and licensed healthcare professionals.

Realistic Expectations

It is important to understand what collagen injections can accomplish but to also keep your expectations in perspective. The ages between 35 and 60 seem to be where people benefit the most. This is where you will see deterioration but still have skin that is still flexible and supple enough to bounce back and rejuvenate. Relatively early degenerative signs of skin aging are where collagen treatments can be most helpful. This is not a cure-all or miracle solution to advanced aging or serious cosmetic dermatological problems. If you try to combat deep sagging or aggressive facial line issues, a more advanced and involved option such as surgery may be your best approach. 

Though they may not tackle more serious deteriorations, collagen injections can be a great option to help revitalize the natural beauty of your skin and turn back the clock in one area of aging. 

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