How Microdermabrasion Follows Through To Reveal Healthy Skin

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microdermabrasion, filler treatmentsAs the largest organ in the human body, the skin creates a barrier to foreign substances every moment of the day. Viruses and harmful substances must breach skin layers to negatively affect the body. Because of its hard work over the years, the skin shows signs of aging and flaws through scars, lines and wrinkles. Both men and women can find the fountain of youth by revealing healthy skin with microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion and Exfoliation

Revealing healthy skin means removing the topmost layer where dead skin cells reside. The skin is constantly regenerating itself, sloughing off microscopic cells throughout the day. Dermatology procedures simply accelerate this exfoliation process. Specialized tools apply minute crystals to the skin. These crystals have numerous facets and edges, effectively rubbing skin cells away from the surface. Patients may feel a slight tingle as crystals help to reveal that youthful skin.

Pulling Dead Skin Cells Away

Dermatology tools exfoliate skin cells from their location, but they still cover the new skin layer below. Tools actually pull skin cells off the body as they exfoliate. Patients hear a slight hum as the tool’s vacuum sucks up the cells. Unlike filler treatments where substances are added to the skin, microdermabrasion is meant to remove skin that’s no longer useful.

Invigorating Natural Skin Production

When the skin is subjected to layer removal, the body reacts with healing properties. It wants to keep the skin as healthy as possible, so it sparks cell production to work overtime. Healthy skin emerges as collagen production reaches its peak. Collagen is the substance that offers skin flexibility when patients are young. As people age, their collagen production wanes as wrinkles emerge.

Aging and Scarring are All Candidates

Although dermatology patients can turn to filler treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, removing skin cells and encouraging natural healing processes is another strategy to fight off aging. Even old scars begin to fade, such as acne issues from decades ago. Although there’s not one solution for youthful skin, dermatology procedures are slowly finding smart alternatives.

Finding a qualified dermatologist in San Antonio takes some time, so research physicians well before starting any microdermabrasion treatment. From filler treatments to basic acne care, all dermatologists have varying skills. Patients need a doctor who has extensive experience with skin treatment procedures to achieve the best results. A trusted dermatologist becomes a patient’s partner in skin care for life.

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