Injectable Fillers: The Do’s and Don’ts to Consider Before a Procedure

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injectable fillersMore than ever before, people in San Antonio are turning to injectable fillers to help make themselves look and feel younger and to improve their looks in general. There is no way to stop time, but fillers do a good job of making it seem like it has. Not only do they slow the signs of aging, but they help with skin rejuvenation and re-sculpting the face, among other things. Injectable fillers have even been used to replace cartilage in injured joints and help with fat loss in the soles of feet. More than 2 million people used fillers last year. If you are thinking of joining them, here are some Dos and Don’ts you should be considering before going ahead with your procedure.

The Do’s of Injectable Fillers

A big “Do” is to remember that you are dealing with your face. There is no benefit to cutting corners. You may find bargains if you look around, but not all practitioners are reputable, and not all will do it as well as others. You certainly do not want to take a chance with your face, since it is the only one you have, and there is no hiding it. Ochs dermatology has the experience and the knowledge to get you fantastic results that you will love.

Do be realistic about your expectations. It might seem like injectable fillers can do amazing things, and they really can, but they cannot do the impossible. They will not change your face. They will, however, enhance what is great about your face.

Do make a budget and research your options. There are several injectable fillers you can try, and many practitioners that perform this procedure. As mentioned, do not make a choice based solely on price. You can, however, see what you can get for the money you have to spend. Whether your goal is skin rejuvenation or something else, there should be an option to fit most budgets.

Do have a goal. It is difficult for a dermatologist to get things right if they do not know exactly what you want to accomplish, such as skin rejuvenation. Good practitioners have the experience to see identify the imperfections that need work but will not know you’re your specific goals are.  Make sure you are very clear with what you are looking for as well as your expectations so there are no misunderstandings.

The Don’ts of Injectable Fillersskin rejuvenation

We all like to have a drink from time to time. However, you should be prepared to go without for about 48 hours prior to your procedure. Alcohol thins out the blood, which means that you could be at risk for bruising. Avoid the alcohol to get better results.

Don’t take your vitamins. Vitamins C and E, along with fish oil, all thin the blood as well. These should be avoided for around three days prior.

Don’t try to compare your results with others. Every face is different, along with the results of your customized treatment. A dermatologist should be tailoring your treatment to your face. When you look at others, they may have features, such as their lips, that would not look right on your face. Enjoy your updated look for what it is, not for what it is not.

Do not make any plans for an important public appearance for up to 2 weeks after your procedure. You may still have bruising and swelling.

Follow these dos and don’ts of injectable fillers so that you will get the results you love.

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