Looking to Smooth Wrinkles? Consider Filler Treatments.

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Patients looking to stop the aging process temporarily used to rely on facial lifts and other invasive surgeries. Today’s medical innovations make wrinkle-control an outpatient process. Whether patients reside in Los Angeles or San Antonio, there is a dermatologist nearby offering filler treatments. Using strategic injections across the face, patients look years younger in a few hours. 


Starting Out

When patients are new to the filler world, it’s best to try a substance that only lasts a few weeks. A dermatologist can recommend certain filler types to see if a patient likes the look for a short period. The next injection could be a much more long-lasting type when the patient feels ready. A short-lived injection is also smart if the patient might have an allergic reaction to it. Recovery is much faster in these cases.

The Science Behind Filler Treatments

The human body has a specialized gel substance naturally between cells, but this cushion breaks down over time. Fillers derived from natural gels are meant to replace this lost body volume, defining lips and reducing facial wrinkles. Since the injected substance is naturally part of the body, most patients don’t see any reaction to the filler.

A Lasting Impression

Every injectable filler acts differently for each patient, but most effects last around four months. The body allows the substance to remain in the injected site, but natural processes slowly break the gel down. Patients desiring a long-lasting look must return to the doctor for more injections. Doctors typically offer packages for multiple visits to make the cost relatively affordable.

Better than the Past

The non-invasive nature of fillers makes them safe for nearly all patients. Needles are placed just under the skin and no incisions are necessary. In the past, recovery times took weeks for a standard facelift. Filler injections require a few days for full patient recovery. Irritation at the site typically subsides within the first few days, allowing patients to resume normal activities. This medical innovation prompts many people to explore their youthful options.

With any medical procedure, it’s best to talk to a reputable dermatologist to see if filler treatments fit the patient’s goals. Although it’s not a permanent solution to aging, using natural fillers to add volume to otherwise sagging skin is a simple way to show off at a reunion or party.

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