Lose inches with Coolsculpting in San Antonio

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Lose inches with Coolsculpting in San Antonio

coolsculptingBoth men and women struggle to lose those last five pounds. They might try an extreme diet or workout nonstop for a week. In reality, some fat is bound to stay on the body regardless of a person’s efforts to fight it off. Instead of turning to invasive procedures, consumers have a clever alternative with CoolSculpting in San Antonio. Losing whole inches off of the body with this procedure is possible.


Picking Out Those Frustrating Areas

Once a patient decides on a CoolSculpting treatment, a meeting with a doctor is necessary. Patients point out all of the problem areas that they want to treat, including the thighs, hips and upper arms. A qualified cosmetic dermatology professional will customize each procedure to the patient’s needs. Ideally, one consultation should address every concern. The doctor will then determine a plan of action to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and scheduling for sessions accordingly.

The Cold Application of Coolsculpting

The procedure simply requires a cold tool that the doctor presses against the patient’s skin. After the allotted time, the doctor removes the tool from that body part and continues to the next area. The cold immediately starts working on fat tissues. It systematically kills off individual fat cells so that a person loses weight and inches. The procedure can usually be completed in less than one hour per session, depending on the treatment areas.

Where it All Goes

The body is constantly on the lookout for damaged tissues. As the fat cells die off after the cold application, the body naturally processes the decay as waste products. The lymphatic system actually processes the materials as the body loses weight. Because the body needs time to remove these tissues, patients won’t see the full results until several months after this cosmetic dermatology procedure.

Keep it Off

If patients neglect their health, it’s possible to regain those lost inches. After the procedure, it’s important to continue with a healthy lifestyle. If patients eat and exercise at moderate levels, those fatty tissues should never return. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats and starches should be all eaten in balanced portions. Staying active each day is also a helpful solution to potential weight gain.

Speak candidly about any cosmetic dermatology needs that a patient has with a qualified doctor. With so many options in the industry, CoolSculpting may be just a start. It’s possible to slim down and feel good once again while patients continue to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis.

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