These Micro-Needling Benefits Make It One of 2018’s Hottest Trends

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micro-needling, eclipse micropenWe are always looking for the next great thing in cosmetic dermatology. For 2018, micro-needling just might be that hot new trend that has everyone talking. It may sound and look unpleasant but looks can be deceiving. It also might be the best thing you do for your face this year.

 What Is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling involves using the skin’s natural healing abilities to get it looking and feeling younger, smoother, and more elastic. A technician uses what’s called a “pen” or an Eclipse Micropen, which is covered in tiny needles. These needles are then run across the skin creating tiny punctures. The body reacts by trying to heal the wounds, and in doing so activates collagen and elastin production. In the end, the spot of skin that had been damaged gets replaced by newer skin that is younger and smoother.

It Eliminates and Reduces Wrinkles

One of the biggest benefits is micro-needling helps reduce or even eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. That includes those wrinkles on your forehead and crow’s feet. Wrinkles are often caused by the skin losing its ability to tighten back up. The procedure replaces those old skin cells with newer, more vibrant ones. That also means that not only will it reduce wrinkles, but it could slow down the onset of new wrinkles appearing.

Scar Repair

Acne scars are a big problem for many people as they get older. They are a reminder of an uncomfortable past that just won’t go away. However, when the Eclipse Micropen does its work, acne scars will start to fade away. It can penetrate deep, but relatively painlessly, into the damaged skin. This will create that healing action that you need to reduce the scarring and feeling confident again.

Reversing Sun Damagemicro-needling, eclipse micropen

Living in San Antonio, we all know the damage the sun can cause to our skin. Discoloration, such as the brown spots from melasma, is unpleasant and embarrassing. Collagen just happens to be the best way to fight that condition, however. As it rushes to the damaged area, it will replace those hyperpigmented cells, leaving behind skin cells that look more like the skin you had before.

Reversing Signs of Aging

As mentioned before, micro-needling can help with loose skin. That loose skin is one of the main signs of aging skin. Micro-needling can help reduce those signs. As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen, meaning that skin will not rebound as it starts to snag. The extra boost of collagen from the procedure will help fight off those aging signs and keep your skin looking youthful.

Shrinking Pores

Even though an Eclipse Micropen might pierce your skin hundreds of times, it does not enlarge your pores. In fact, it can do quite the opposite. As the collagen rushes to the site of the procedure, it makes your skin plump out. As the skin gets more buoyant, it pushes those pores closed. At the very least they look smaller, and in some cases look closed completely.

Increased Effectiveness of Products

Micro-needling could actually make your skin care products work better. It changes the skin in a way that allows for better absorption so that your product can do its job more effectively.

Maybe your skin is showing the signs of aging. Maybe there is damage that has been bothering you for years. Whatever the reason, if you are unhappy with your skin, contact Ochs Dermatology in San Antonio to discuss how they can help your skin look and feel younger.

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