Micro Needling Gives New Meaning to Beauty = Pain.

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micro needling, cosmetic dermatologyWhen people look at their skin after a teenage bout with acne or other ailment, scars can dominate the surface. Dermatologists used to help these patients with proper skin care, but not much could be done with the scars themselves. However, cosmetic dermatology has grown to include micro needling. This scar-reduction strategy gives a whole new meaning to beauty as minimal pressure is applied across the skin.

The Micro Needling Concept

It’s critical to understand what this cosmetic dermatology treatment is all about. Needling does involve needles, but they’re incredibly tiny. They’re applied to the skin where scars reside. Needles pierce the stratum corneum or upper skin layer. This layer is so thin that needles never reach areas where blood becomes visible on the surface. This needle stimulation encourages collagen production, effectively healing scars with new skin creation.

Needles Don’t Equal Intense Pain

Patients may be concerned about their pain tolerance, but this treatment isn’t to be feared. Tiny needles are arranged in bunches across a roller. Dermatologists literally roll this tool across the skin, allowing the needles to minimally puncture the surface. A minor tickling sensation might be felt, but pain is a normal complaint. Doctors can even show patients their tools, allowing them to get a good look at the needles for reassurance.

Multiple Visits Necessary

New patients to micro needling should note that treatment isn’t a one-time option. Multiple visits are necessary to stimulate enough collagen for scar reduction. The needles only make a slight indentation into the skin, producing some collagen healing. For particularly severe scars, four or five visits might be necessary. It’s important to note that all patient experiences are different, so there are varying visit frequencies for all skin types.

Patients are Thrilled

Patients who suffered from frustrating acne and other scars are looking at supple skin with long-term results as a common outcome. Unless the area is damaged again, that collagen production is permanent because it’s the patient’s own skin creating the coverage. Not all scars can be repaired perfectly, however, but they can be altered for a better appearance.

Micro needling can be found across the nation, including San Antonio. Speak to a qualified dermatologist to find out about this scar treatment. Cosmetic dermatology specialists must examine each patient individually to create the best treatment plan. Those scars could be a thing of the past with just a few doctor visits.

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