Are Micro-needling Results Immediate?

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Are Micro-needling Results Immediate?

Micro-needlingPlastic surgery of the past used to involve invasive procedures that were limited in their scope. Today’s procedures are widely varied with several non-invasive treatments that are available to most patients. If a patient is considering cosmetic dermatology in San Antonio, micro-needling is a popular way to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. Take a close look at the micro-needling process so that you know what to expect after the procedure.

How Micro-needling Works

Micro-needling involves a small, handheld wand that holds 12 needles. Doctors pass this device across the body as it makes tiny punctures in the skin. The tiny injuries occurring on the skin will stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. As result, the skin appears smoother and healthier as elastin and collagen fill in the injured areas. It’s these components that create a youthful look.

The Immediate Effects

Micro-needling doesn’t create immediate results. In fact, there’s a small recovery period that’s necessary for the skin to recuperate. For one to two days after the treatment, the skin will have a red hue that’s similar to sunburn. The redness is caused by the needles’ puncture wounds. There may even be some slight bleeding. This procedure isn’t meant to have immediate results because the body needs time to heal and form the skin in the damaged areas.

Waiting it Out

Within several weeks, patients should see the beginning effects of the cosmetic dermatology. The skin should slowly repair itself by this time, and patients can see a rounder and fuller skin tone. In reality, patients won’t see the final results until several months have passed. The body simply needs time to replace the damaged skin. Every person has a slightly different healing time so patients should remain patient about the results.

Considering the Long-Term Effects

Many patients undergo multiple treatments because their ultimate beauty goals can’t be achieved with just one appointment. In many cases, patients return every four to six weeks in order to receive another round of micro-needling. The results are permanent because the body creates the new and improved skin.

Some patients aren’t good candidates for micro-needling, including those who have poor healing processes, are taking certain medications or exhibit specific skin lesions. Patients should talk to their doctor about their cosmetic dermatology goals before agreeing to any treatment. Reputable doctors can guide patients to the right decision regarding their health.

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