The Myths and Truths Behind Microdermabrasion AKA Synergie Peel

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Microdermabrasion or a Synergie Peel is a painless cosmetic dermatology procedure that rejuvenates your skin and keeps it clean and healthy.microdermabrasion, cosmetic dermatologyPeople are distinctly aware of their skin’s appearance. Aging lines, wrinkles and scars are particularly obvious on your face. Both women and men pay good money to fight off the signs of aging, including visits to the dermatologist. Several treatments are available with your cosmetic dermatology professional. Select a reliable treatment that offers real results. Get to know the myths and truths surrounding microdermabrasion. A fountain of youth is possible with this treatment.

Virtually Removes Every Fine Line and Wrinkle

Myths surrounding microdermabrasion based procedures normally include perfect skin. Doctors use tools that target the skin’s upper layer called the stratum corneum. The tool removes a fine section of this layer, which reveals new skin below. Patients understand that their fine lines and wrinkles reside in the stratum corneum. They immediately believe in instant, youthful skin. This procedure does reduce the signs of aging because of the new skin emerging below. However, there’s no real way to completely overhaul the skin’s appearance. 

Microdermabrasion is Most Effective with Repetitive Treatments

Your cosmetic dermatology professional may suggest up to six treatments every 14 days. Although this frequency sounds overwhelming, it’s actually proven to give you the best results. The waiting time between the appointments allows the skin to heal and grow with supple tissue. Each appointment simply takes the least attractive skin from the body. You’re left with a glow that shines throughout San Antonio. After your initial appointment, return to the doctor for monthly treatments that merely maintain the skin.

Skin Damage is a Possible Side Effect

This myth causes many people to avoid treatment with a dermatologist. Your skin won’t be damaged by a trained and experienced doctor. The treatment is limited to the upper-skin layer. You’ll only have a soft glow after the procedure. 

Skin damage is only possible if the tool accesses the lower skin layers, such as the dermis. Because you have many epidermis layers, the tool cannot possibly reach the dermis. Multiple appointments with the same tool in place will only ever touch the upper layers. Skin enhancement is the only side effect.

Return to Work or School Without Any Downtime

It’s true that there’s no downtime with this procedure. You can technically return to your tasks right after the appointment. The skin may be slightly irritated, but there’s no pain or medications to recover from with this treatment. This truth is reason enough to try an appointment.

Application Tools are Painful

The concept of skin removal sounds painful, but it’s far from the truth. You feel a gentle pressure and suction as the tool passes over your skin. The procedure is definitely invigorating, but there’s no pain.

After your treatment, the skin may have some puffiness to its surface. This reaction quickly subsides because it’s just a minor irritation that occurs. The treatment would have to be incredibly invasive to produce any pain.

Each Appointment is Less Than an Hour Long

Your appointment lasts less than an hour. Forty-five minutes is typically the average appointment length. Bring your earbuds to listen to music as you lay back during the procedure. Because of the streamlined appointment time, you can fit it into almost any schedule. Your doctor makes the times convenient for you so that a complete round of appointments can be completed within your schedule.

If you’re in the San Antonio area, work with a reputable doctor. Dr. Robert Ochs at Ochs Dermatology offers both medical and cosmetic dermatology. Microdermabrasion is a safe procedure that improves your skin’s health. Feel young and vibrant with regularly scheduled appointments. Taking care of your skin must be a priority at any age.

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