Noninvasive Dermatology Solutions: Discovering Smooth Skin

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dermatologyVisiting a San Antonio dermatologist used to involve just acne and skin-cancer ailments. The industry was relatively limited in its infancy. Today’s doctors have dozens of different treatments for your skin. Fine lines, scars and dark spots are no match for the dermatologist’s skill sets. Learn more about current dermatology solutions that are entirely noninvasive. Your face, neck, and chest can look younger as a result.


The weathering elements in San Antonio can be damaging to your skin. The heat and dry air create flaky skin and aging details. Freshen up your appearance with microdermabrasion. As the name implies, this procedure uses abrasion against your skin to remove a fine layer. The doctor vacuums away those dead cells so that glowing skin is the result. 

This treatment is relatively painless with only a mild irritation afterward. Try microdermabrasion on a regular basis to constantly reveal that fresh, skin layer. Your appearance improves with the regular extraction of dead cells in an efficient manner when compared to natural shedding.

Skin Tightening

In dermatology industry terms, skin tightening refers to the controlled heating of your tissue. Many patients confuse this procedure with a facelift or other invasive surgery. Skin tightening uses heat produced by light and radio frequencies. The heat factor is designed to invigorate your body’s own processes. Collagen production increases, which leads to supple skin that doesn’t have a sagging appearance to it. 

This procedure is often complemented with topical solutions, including retinol and moisturizers. Your doctor decides on the best pathway to achieve your goals. Several tightening sessions may be necessary to truly see a difference.


Dermatologists continue to use the body’s own healing powers by employing micro-needling. By using a pen with multiple needles on the tip, dermatologists press the tool into your skin. The needles only penetrate to a controlled depth, which triggers the body to repair the area. New tissue develops when collagen and elastin induction occur during and after this procedure. Your skin slowly appears younger and smoother after each micro-needling appointment.

There might be some red areas in the treatment spots immediately following the appointment. However, you can still function normally because the skin damage is so minute. Follow the doctor’s instructions afterward so that your recovery is quick without complication.

Chemical Peels

Unlike the spot treatments found with micro-needling, chemical peels target a large area. Doctors spread a specialized chemical on your face, chest or neck. This substance absorbs into your skin’s upper layers. After a few days, your skin naturally flakes the dead cells away. You’re left with glowing skin that looks years younger.

When it comes to peels, choose a dermatologist who’s had a lot of experience in this area. Chemical peels differ in their concentration, which is based on the patient’s needs, skin type or any abnormal skin condition and the doctor’s recommendation. Dealing with an improper peel could cause unwanted side effects.

Coolsculpting in the Dermatology World

coolsculptingCoolsculpting is a procedure designed to freeze fat and remove it through natural processes. A beneficial side effect of losing weight is supple skin. It’s no longer being stretched over an enlarged area. It’s loose enough to have some flexibility, which improves the feeling of your body.

You may want to couple your Coolsculpting procedure with a skin-tightening treatment during separate appointments. By helping the skin from the inside and outside, it appears smooth without invasive procedures.

Deciding between dermatology treatments is a big decision. The experts at Ochs Dermatology can help you sort through the choices. Taking care of your skin at any level is a step in the right direction. Using today’s innovative discoveries, smooth and youthful skin is possible with the help of the professionals.

For more information about Dermatology procedures performed in San Antonio by Dr. Ochs that are cosmetic in nature to return your skin to that more youthful look, contact us today.