Not Quite Swimwear Ready? Summer Starts with Coolsculpting!

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coolsculpting, dermatologistAs warmer weather settles in, beach-goers get excited about heading to the water and soaking up the sun. However, the body may still look like it’s storing fat for winter. There is a subtle yet effective solution for losing those extra pounds: coolsculpting. This procedure is normally performed by a dermatologist and provides astounding results that almost anyone would love.


Coolsculpting is Noninvasive

Unlike traditional procedural weight loss strategies, this freezing technique doesn’t require any hospital stays. It’s actually a noninvasive procedure which involves cooling the desired areas. A dermatologist applies a specialized tool to the body where fat resides. The cold temperature freezes fatty cells while preserving other cells intact. Frozen cells die off, allowing the patient to have a leaner body even after just one visit. The procedure isn’t uncomfortable and can be performed in one afternoon.

Results are Gradual

Fatty tissue doesn’t dissolve in a few minutes, however. The human body must remove the dying cells through the lymphatic or waste system. Patients usually see results in a few weeks as their bodies slowly remove the fatty cells. This gradual process allows the procedure to remain a discreet secret between doctor and patient. It simply looks like the person is dieting and working out to lose weight instead of a professional procedure.

Keep Up a Healthy Diet

Fatty cells can easily resurface in the body, so patients must keep up a healthy diet. Discover exciting exercises and buddy up with a friend to stay active. Fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are perfect accompaniments to exercise too. Maintaining a healthy diet keeps the fat from returning and may even help the lymphatic system remove the decaying cells faster than without a fit lifestyle.

Visit Again to Enhance the Look

Most patients visit the doctor several times to achieve the appearance they desire. Doctors systematically apply the freezing tool to body sections for more fat loss. Along with enhancing the person’s look, less fat also improves health. Because the body doesn’t have to support much weight, all systems can work with reduced stress levels. The heart and mind appreciate the sleek appearance.

From New York City to San Antonio, dermatologist offices are being contacted nearly every day for coolsculpting procedures amidst the summer season. Make an appointment as soon as possible to start the procedure. The summer can last well into September, so get that body into shape with professional help.

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