Ochs Dermatology Offers Products Through New Online Store

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cosmetic dermatology (San Antonio), dermatology (San Antonio)Cosmetic Dermatology with the Click of a Button

Ochs Dermatology, which has been providing dermatology care for patients in San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 1996, has now included a new feature to its website — an online store at store.ochsdermatology.com. Clients can now browse through the various cosmetic dermatology products and services listed online, check and compare prices for different items, and order online through the e-commerce website.

Healthy Skin at Your Disposal

The online store not only sells cosmetic dermatology products, but also offers appointments for treatments. With some items offered, a consultation is necessary before the purchase, and if that’s the case, it is mentioned on the product’s page. To ease navigation, the store is searchable through different tabs. So you can search and shop by brand (Citrix, Person and Covey, Solta Medical, etc.), by skin type or condition (acne prone skin, oily skin, scars, etc.), or by aesthetic services (fat reduction, laser therapy for acne, skin tightening and toning, etc.).

Skin Care Made Easy

Another way the store simplifies online shopping is by dividing the cosmetic dermatology products further into three categories: Bestsellers, This Month’s Specials, and Dr. Ochs Recommends. The products and services are then listed under each category accordingly. All items listed in the store include a description, directions for use, ingredients the product consists of, and customer reviews. Since the e-commerce store is part of the website, it is designed to blend-in and follow the same functionality. For example, the store feature is also responsive, so it can be viewed on any device with any screen resolution.

Owned by Robert L. Ochs, M.D. who received his Dermatology specialty training at the New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan, Ochs Dermatology is accredited by the American Academy of Dermatology, Texas Dermatological Society, and the Texas Medical Association.

For more information about the cosmetic dermatology products and services available at the Ochs Dermatology online store, visit http://store.ochsdermatology.com/