A Quick Guide to Your Cyst Removal Procedure

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Cyst removal, San Antonio dermatologist, medical dermatologyA cyst is a sac containing fluid, air and sometimes semi-solid material that grows just underneath the skin and forms into a lump. Most cysts aren’t severe in nature and are fairly common. Undergoing a cyst removal procedure isn’t out of the ordinary and there is usually no need for alarm since they are generally benign. However, some cysts, depending on the type can be cancerous. A San Antonio dermatologist will typically recommend immediate removal of any cyst that could be in question. If you are feeling pain or discomfort from your cyst you will definitely want to see your dermatologist and get it removed. Here is what you can expect from the procedure.


The Process of Removing a Cyst

Your medical dermatology team will drape the area and possibly give you a local anesthetic so you don’t feel the cut or the tools being used. The dermatologist will then use a blade to make an incision on or around the cyst. The cut could vary depending on the size, shape, severity and location of the cyst. He will then push the contents of the cyst out of the open cut completely. Using tweezers and scissors, the doctor will remove all material including the sac from the area.  He will check multiple times to be sure everything has been removed. This step is important to keep the cyst from returning.  


Recovering From a Cyst Removal Procedure

During the procedure there is usually little to no blood as long as your cyst was not infected.  After the minor outpatient procedure, your dermatologist will suture the cut closed if necessary depending on its size.  You will then be kept in the procedure room for a brief time to monitor your pain and the wound itself. This is mainly for precautionary reasons to ensure the drainage, if any, is minimal. Once you have been given instructions for cleaning the wound and minimizing pain and swelling you can go home with just a little discomfort and maybe a bandage to keep the wound clean.


Potential Risks of Undergoing the Procedure

Patients undergoing a cyst removal procedure can expect to experience some pain afterward. The area where the cyst was removed could become bruised, scarred or even infected if not taken care of properly. There are times when a cyst will come back for a variety of reasons, and many of them are out of your control.


Be sure to monitor the area closely and identify any changes in its shape or size. When a cyst comes back, it is generally larger and more dangerous than it was originally, so you need to reach out to your dermatologist sooner rather than later.


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