Services Offered by Your Cosmetic Dermatologist

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Services Offered by Your Cosmetic Dermatologist

cosmetic dermatologyVisiting a skin doctor today is much different than it was in the past. Dermatologists don’t just treat acne, cancer and other skin ailments. These professionals also gain experience and loyal patients by offering cosmetic procedures. Get to know the services rendered by your local, cosmetic dermatologist. Looking and feeling young again is part of the attraction. 

Freezing the Fat

Liposuction and other invasive procedures can take the weight off of your body, but you’ll need a substantial recovery time. Consider a cosmetic procedure called Coolsculpting. Your doctor holds a cold pad against your fatty tissue and allows it to remain in place for a specified amount of time. The body takes over afterward as the lymphatic system moves the dead tissue away from your hips, arms and thighs. This fat-freezing procedure is a noninvasive type so the recovery time is almost nonexistent. Simply verify with your doctor that it’s available at your office.

Skin Rejuvenationcosmetic dermatologist, micro-needling

As you grow older, the skin doesn’t have as much elasticity as it did when you were 20 or 30 years old. A clever solution to aging skin is micro-needling. This procedure involves tiny needles attached to a specialized machine. Your cosmetic dermatologist numbs the treatment area, and the micro-needling procedure begins. The tiny needle groups pierce your upper dermis layers. There’s no blood to be seen because the needles don’t reach any veins or arteries. Your body repairs the damaged skin by adding new collagen to the area. It’s this substance that gives your skin the elasticity it needs to look young again. 

Filler Selections

Micro-needling is one of the cosmetic facial treatments that may help your wrinkles and fine lines, but you want a more dramatic procedure. Ask your San Antonio professional about injectables. These specialized fillers come with a wide variety of ingredients. Your skin is only pierced with one needle in specific areas. The filler moves into your skin where it resides for several months. After the procedure’s inflammation settles down, your face looks fuller and younger than before. These ingredients are eventually absorbed into your body so expect to have several injections throughout the year to continue with the full appearance.

Treating Spider Veins

Your gorgeous legs may be covered in tiny capillaries or spider veins. It’s possible to treat these blood vessels with sclerotherapy. The doctor uses a thin needle to inject medicine into your spider vein. After a short time period, the blood vessel slowly disappears because it literally collapses and fades away. Be aware that only a few blood vessels can be treated at once. The results are astonishing, however, because the legs look young once again. You might try several visits each year to keep up with any new spider-vein developments as well.

Discussing Needs With Your Cosmetic Dermatologist

A frank discussion is necessary when you consider any cosmetic procedures. Professionals will ask about your medical history to be sure you’re healthy enough for any injections or micro-needling. Explore how committed you are to the procedure, especially if several visits are necessary to achieve the desired results. Your doctor may have other suggestions for non invasive cosmetic procedures that fit your medical history or time schedule. Invasive procedures of the past commonly had results in a matter of weeks. Currently, noninvasive tactics offer slower results over several months. Patience is a virtue with most of today’s procedures.

As you look for a San Antonio professional, take proximity into consideration. Certain procedures can take multiple visits for the best results. Living close to your cosmetic dermatologist simply means it won’t seem like such an inconvenience for multiple visits. Partner with your doctor for amazing results that seem to improve with time.

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