Removing unattractive lesions is now easier, more comfortable than ever before. Instead of enduring painful procedures that use intense heat, light or laser, you can now enjoy comfortable, long-lasting skin renewal that produces the results you truly want.

We are proud to offer FotoFacial with elos’™, technology that uses combined  energies to effectively and gently restore and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin.  The Aurora™ skin rejuvenation system uses a unique combination of radio frequency and light to treat vascular lesions (facial teleangiectasias , rosacea, etc) and superficial pigmented lesions (such as age spots, solar lentigo, and others) safely, quickly and effectively.   By reducing the browns and reds in the skin, it takes on a more youthful even reflective tone.  Restore youthful healthy looking skin, safely and comfortably.

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