Wrinkles PhotoWrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. They occur most frequently in areas exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, back of the hands and forearms. Over time, skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic. Ultimately, this causes wrinkles – either fine lines or deep furrows. In addition to sun exposure, premature aging of the skin is associated with smoking, heredity and skin type (higher incidence among people with fair hair, blue-eyes and light skin).

Treatment for wrinkles may include from topical creams and moisturizers to cosmetic procedures. The most common medical treatments are:

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids, preparations made from “fruit acids” that produce subtle improvements in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Antioxidants, creams consisting of Coffee Berry Extract, Vitamins A, C and E and beta-carotene that improves the appearance of wrinkles and provides some additional sun protection.
  • Moisturizers, which temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Retinoids (Vitamin A Derivatives), which helps alleviate some of the signs of aging, including mottled pigmentation (e.g., liver spots), roughness and wrinkling.

Skin Tightening cosmetic procedures we provide include:

  • Chemical Peels
  • Dermabrasion
  • Fillers
  • eLōs® Sublime Red Carpet Face Lift

The Sublime™ Red Carpet Facelift is a popular nickname for this eLōs technology Sublime procedure due to the immediate lifting, plumping and tightening effects with no downtime. The long term benefits of improved tone and lift improve all aspects of the signs of aging.

It features the revolutionary eLōs combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Light energies to heat the dermal tissue within the targeted treatment area. This stimulates collagen and contracts elastin fibrils, resulting in an immediate lift with long term production of collagen. Wrinkles are reduced, noticeable lifting can be observed, and your skin’s texture becomes tighter, smoother, more luminous and toned, without enduring downtime.

The Sublime treatment is effective on all skin types. Anyone who wants a non-invasive solution to skin problems like wrinkled, sagging skin with textural irregularities is a candidate. It is extremely effective when layered with Sublative® and/or eLōs IPL when a greater degree of correction is desired.

Just prior to the procedure, your skin is cleansed, protective eyewear will be applied and cold water based gel will be smoothed onto the skin. No anesthesia is required. Most patients describe a warm sensation as the radio frequency energy enters their skin. It is often described similarly to a hot stone massage. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to treat the entire face.

After treatment, most patients feel a tiny bit of warmth in the skin which usually diminishes in about 1 to 3 hours. There may be a slight redness in the treatment area, as well. You can return to your daily activities immediately following treatment. Most patients see gradual and cumulative results in at least 4 treatments, 3-6 weeks apart is usually required for optimal results. This allows for a complete healing and production of new collagen and elastin to replace damaged tissue. Yearly maintenance treatments are recommended.

Although Sublime provides immediate results, the results are not permanent in the long-run. Multiple treatment sessions are needed to uphold desired results. Sublime does not replace the traditional invasive facelift. By understanding the benefits of non-invasive skin tightening treatments like Sublime, patients will quickly see a short term immediate improvement in facial and neckline tightening, which is the intended purpose of
the procedure.

Learn about our Triniti Plus procedure which conveniently combines our IPL/Fotofacial Skin Rejuvination, Sublime™ Red Carpet Face Lift and Sublative® SRF Skin Rejuvination procedures in a single treatment.